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Review by Dagon M.

Lykhaeon – Opprobrium

Record Label: Repose Records

Year: 2021

Rating: 8.5/10

Lykhaeon is a Black Metal project hailing out of Zurich, Switzerland. Formed in 2013 they are members of the Helvetic underground committee, a group of Swiss young Black Metal bands that preach grotesque aesthetics.

They made their debut in 2015 with “Tanz der Entleibten” and after a period of slumber, due to Kerberos being involved in many projects, they made their return in 2021 with their sophomore album “Opprobrium”. A testament to Greek mythology, it tells the tale of Hades and Persephone in the underworld, as if it is their own ancient tragedy. One could say that the album is divided into plays instead of songs, as the vocals are a dialogue of characters prolonged by choir and instrumentations.

From the music aspect of things they take a more atmospheric route with the toned-down guitars and ambience, but still retain the extreme element. It will require your full attention as each song is the harmonic continuation of the previous, following the same structure to create a homogenous result, while unleashing the tale of the dead. Drums are pounding constantly as if they are the hellish hounds of Hades, while the polished production intensifies everything you listen making you more engaged in this whole ordeal.




The unorthodox use of acoustic folklore instruments and choir give the album a different dynamic making at times drift at the trenches of Blackened Doom. From the fascinating opener “Opprobrium” which carves a horrifying soundscape it will immerse you in this journey to the underworld. “The Whorish Arrogance Of Immortals” is definitely the album’s stand out. The eleven-minute odyssey of back and forth between Atmospheric, Symphonic Doom and furious Black Metal moments is a feast for the ear and mind. The dramatic essence of the album runs all the way to the instrumental outro which serves as a great epilogue to wind things down from this whole experience.

From start to finish “Opprobium” is a concept album that achieves its purpose to immerse in its experience. It is an album that with every listen you can discover something you hadn’t noticed before. Lykhaeon drew from the stepping stones of their dissonant style debut and expanded creating a very distinct profile for themselves. An album recommended to anyone that wants an entry to the darkest corners of music.

Lykhaeon – Opprobrium [FULL ALBUM]

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