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Review by Dagon M.

Valdaudr – Drapsdalen

Record Label: Soulseller Records

Year: 2021

Rating: 8.5/10

Valdaudr is a Black Metal band formed in 2018, coming out of the dark lands of Norway. With its members being seasoned veterans in the scene they present a mix of Black and Thrash Metal, with a nostalgic old feeling from the second-wave Black Metal scene.

“Drapsdalen” is their debut album released earlier this year. A creation overflowing with energy and intensity that travels you back to the old days of the 90s. Each truck is very straightforward managing to stand out either by folk elements, bass lines, or vocal performance and not get lost in the mix. Ferocious vocal attacks and non-stop pummeling from the drums are definitely the signature points of this album.




Starting off with the thunderous drumming blaze of “Liket Skulle Vaert Brent”, they grab you by the neck while captivating guitar riffs and sharp vocal verses make for an excellent album opener. “Trass Og Vrede” introduces an otherworldly feeling with its haunting aura, while “Evig Langt Inn I Tiden” with its ominous harmonic slower parts showcases the band’s composing abilities. ”Den Evige Ild” has a Thrash edginess to it with prominent bass lines, serving as the stepping stone for “Du Vantro Og Range Slekt” to amp up the aggression with its colliding rhythmic variations. ”Drapsdalen”, one of the album’s highlights, stands for everything the 90s Black Metal scene offered along with some new influences and an amazing guitar solo coming out of nowhere. “Kom, Bestig Vaare Fjell”, the album’s epilogue, has a classical ring to it with chant-like vocals leaving it carved in your memory.

From start to finish, Valdaudr shows that they are not here to fuck around and that they know how things work. With an authentic sound as if they came straight out of the 90s, they offer us a result that will make you want to hear on repeat. Production is just about right, giving the raw feeling they wanted to achieve while letting every instrument be audible and offer their share.

Highly recommended for not only every old-school fan but also anyone looking for sheer cold aggression, it is definitely an album worth your time to listen to.

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