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Review by Dagon M.

Funeral Mist – Deiform

Record Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli

Year: 2021

Rating: 10/10

Funeral Mist is the solo project of renowned Black Metal artist Mortuus, best known for his time in Marduk. Formed in 1993, he released 3 full lengths until 2018, each being considered a masterpiece. A project hard to define in a specific style as every album shows a drastic change in comparison to its predecessor. «Deiform» his latest release remains true to that statement. An album with a plethora of melodic segments, atmospheres and an epic feeling increased by the sample sounds used. Choir-like passages build up to nonstop tremolo-picked riffs and blast beats making it clear that this is a hymn to pure Black Metal.


Funeral Mist


The album starts off with a sinister atmosphere created by the gregorian chant of «Twillight of the Flesh». Arioch moves seamlessly between various tempos while maintaining the ominous tone. Every religious bond breaks and burns on the sound of his distinct intense vocals. Accompanied after is «Apokalyptikon» releasing chaos and darkness. Aggression and raging melodies unleashed with no mercy, «In Here», is spot on sharp with Arioch showing his full vocal repertoire, from the shrieking sound at the beginning to the demented screams on the track’s finale.


«Children of the Urn» is in my opinion the album’s standout. The sampled passage intensifies the track’s dramatic aspect, giving it a different dynamic. A malevolent aura engulfs everything with a blizzard of melodies. «Hooks of Hunger» is an explosion of adrenaline with constant blast beats and a devilish riff as its backbone. The title track is what differentiates the most. A mid-paced groovy song, with themes of darkness and a monotonous beat that acts like a lullaby down to its atmosphere. «Into Ashes» serves as the album’s epilogue in a very familiar display of blast beats and tremolo-picked carnage.


There is no doubt that «Deiform» is yet another milestone in the band’s illustrious discography. Arioch being idolised mainly for his vocals shows us in this project his full craftsmanship. He excels in straining together things that seem unfitting. From Tron taking a child-like choir to creating absolute brutality and blasphemy. The polished production only adds to the masterfully composed riffs and drum patterns. «Deiform» is the perfect orchestration of classic Swedish Black Metal values, but experimented in a natural way of progression to create a very special result.


This album is a testimony to Arioch’s identity and is bound to make you listen to it multiple times on repeat.


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