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Welcome to ThisIsBlackMetal.com

This webzine is about supporting the entire Black Metal genre/BM subgenres. The site features news, interviews, reviews, articles and tributes on Black Metal related topics, and photos, updated on a regular basis by a dedicated team of die-hard metalheads.


Brief history

It all started on a rainy day in Archon X’s life. While listening to Black Metal (of course) and having nothing better to do, he was surfing on Facebook. It all of a sudden dawned on him to create a Facebook group of people sharing his taste for music. It turned out it wasn’t such a bad idea. And then he created a Facebook page, which wasn’t too bad either. And then all this just wasn’t enough. And then… ThisIsBlackMetal.com was created. Its birthday on 15 April 2018.


Our team

Archon X: Site overseer, lead contributor, chief editor, interviewer, reviewer and generally the source of everything on the site. He likes discovering new bands and has been at it for over 25 years now. No musical boundaries, as long as it is Black.


Lord Ixion: Mainly writing reviews. Almost 25 years in the scene, has no favourite bands. His listening varies from Ildjarn, Bone Awl, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Revenge to Ved Buens Ende, Dodheimsgard, Thorns, old Emperor and old Satyricon. He was initiated into Black Metal by Darkthrone, Burzum, Necromantia and Mayhem and holds a special place to his heart for Absu and Master’s Hammer. Above all, he really likes discovering new bands that expand the boundaries of BM or plainly keep the old flame alive!


Lígia: Mainly does the interviews. She has been listening to metal for over 20 years and enjoys discovering new bands, with a soft spot for the extreme subgenres. Passionate for Black Metal, especially second wave. Some of the bands she enjoys are Emperor, Beherit, pagan blood and Marduk.


Commodus: Mainly writing articles. Embarked on a musical journey that began 20 years ago, he is always on the lookout trying to discover new bands, especially from the extreme genre. Favourite Black Metal bands from the first and third wave, with dominant genre the Progressive/Avant-garde.


Dagon M.: Introduced into the world of Black Metal from the age of thirteen through Bathory’s debut album. Dedicated Darkthrone worshiper and atmospheric, Folk Black Metal enthusiast. Enjoying discovering new bands and relatively new in the world of reviewing and interviewing.


Warlock: Black metal storyteller taking refuge in the damp and foggy Pennines. Love wildness, woods, ice, mud and creatures found therein. Favourite bands are Immortal and Dissection, but also enjoy the more Avant-garde interpretations of the genre: Ulver, Fleurety, Blud Aus Nord, Furia, Fen. Interested in the possibilities of Black Metal beyond the music, as art, literature, costume and performance. Currently working on a tale that encapsulates the story world of Immortal and an almanack based on Βlack Μetal interpretations of Northern English folk demons.


V: Born in the snow-laden wasteland of Soviet Russia, V now resides in the remote hills of South East England. A regular on the London gig scene with a love for the darkest, most hateful Black Metal that stretches back over 20 years. He has a passion for collecting all forms of physical media with a particular taste for pretty vinyl; he enjoys nothing better than indulging in spinning a few Black Metal LPs with an especially well-brewed cup of tea. V writes strongly opinionated and mildly misinformed reviews.


SadoMaster Rattenkönig: Started in the genre as a listener in the second half of 2000, shortly afterward he also became an almost totally self-taught musician. Growing up originally listening to Symphonic bands like Emperor, Obtained Enslavement and Cradle Of Filth, then moving on to mainly Depressive Black Metal and exploring the genre in all its forms, he prefers melancholic and preferably old school sounds. He has always loved creating music and writing songs. He deals with reviews and interviews and loves discovering both recent and old bands.


Dayal Patterson: Began writing metal zines in the early 00s, before contributing in later years to the likes of Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and Decibel. Released the book ‘Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult’ in 2013 and in that same year founded Cult Never Dies, a publishing house and merchandise company dedicated to cult metal, which has released over 10 books on Black, Doom and Death metal over the last five years.


Justin Joseph: Hailing from the Island of Trinidad his goal is to explore the depths of the genre for all it has to offer, seeking out the most obscure aura and spirits that can be crafted from that of primordial sounds. For he wishes to be submerged in the atmosphere that others may shun and feel the surge of unbridled emotions from the well of blackened waters. “Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory” a quote by author Oscar Wilde, for which he believes can be applied to realms of Black Metal for the architecture of its walls are created from all that we reject and scorn, all that is expelled, but also from the mire, beauty can be spawned and it is these sentiments he aims to unlock through the journey.


Jason Parker: Jason is a UK-born Black Metal musician based in Bogota, Colombia. He’s a real Black Metal warrior and has been in the scene for over 30 years. He writes interviews and reviews. He is always looking for new bands and new styles. He plays guitar and does strings and vocals in the Bogota-based band THE WITCH. His favourite bands are Marduk, Dissection, A Forest Of Stars, Winterfylleth, Esbbat, Orab Zerek, Awicha, Chovu to name but a few. Proudly flying the flag of Black Metal!


Jeger: Extreme metal fan since the early 90’s and a reviewer/interviewer since 2016. As someone who has practically withdrawn from today’s society and its degenerative ways, Jeger’s passion lies within the infernal chasms of Black Metal and its thriving culture. Jeger is a fan of bands such as Rotting Christ, Dissection, Sargeist, Uada and the mighty Gorgoroth. Despite his penchant for the mainstream, his attention is always on the underground where the true black flame burns.


Cyaegha: This Frenchman discovered Black Metal with Beherit in 1992, after 5 years of being exposed to the various Heavy Metal, Doom, Thrash and Death bands of that era. To the contrary of many old-timers in the scene, his own Black Metal tastes have always been closely linked to the Finnish scene in which he has kept many ties. A music journalist by trade, his works can be read (either under the real name of his nick) in many magazines, webzines and various fanzines over the last 25 years (most notably in L’Antre Des Damnés, the oldest printed French fanzine dedicated strictly to Black Metal), both in his native language and English. An Underground Archeologist, there is nothing that Cyaegha likes better than to track the latest demo from a promising young band, dust some forgotten EP out of his own record trove or scour the depths of the Underground to shed a light on those small bands waiting for their chance under the Moon.


Franco A.: Metalhead since the late 80s. Fan of the old school, traditional Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death and especially Black Metal to whom he totally embraces the 90s spirit. Occasional contributor with interviews.


Kelly Tee: Mainly writing reviews and conducting interviews with unsigned underground Black Metal bands in Australia and around the Globe. She is a passionate lover of the intense music genres such as Opera, Classical and of course Metal, preferring the more extreme dark arts of music with Black Metal being her ultimate choice. This feeds her dark little heart so nicely. She’s an Engineer by day and in her spare time, loves to metal discover and shove the goodness of those Black Metal beauties down the throats of whoever will listen to her! She has a vast range of favourite second wave Black Metal bands such as Plaggha, Goatmoon, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, Beherit, Hellsaw, Craft, Beastcraft, Krypt and Satyricon to name a few and prefers her Metal to be unrelenting, vile, unholy and controversial.


Rick Eaglestone: Radio show host & reviewer. Rick’s journey into the darker side of music started 25 years ago with the discovery of The Principle of Evil Made Flesh by Cradle of Filth which then leads to further discovering bands such as Bal-Sagoth, Hecate Enthroned, Mork Gryning & Nokturnal Mortum and was even fortunate enough to see some of these bands at their early inceptions. In recent years though via a resurgence in LP & Cassette purchases Rick has once again ignited the black metal flame and can now be heard blasting new artists such as Agrona, Argesk & Burial and now his with roles with hosting & reviewing enjoys the thrill of discovering new artists just as much as ever.


Il Cattivo Maestro: He has Arte Degenerata Fuckzine, a fanzine on black and white paper which deals with Extreme Metal and he is also the owner of Il Calice Nero. It’s about some Facebook direct videos where he broadcast the bands of the first and second issue and other bands which gravitate on Arte Degenerata Fuckzine. The Extreme Metal succeeded in wrapping his soul when he started with the first notes of “Transilvanian Hunger”, then the drug got raised with “Angel of Death” of Slayer, then with Count Grishnackh with some unrepeatable works which will remain in the shell of the dark environment forever and he refers to “Aske”… “Hvis lysent tar oss”…  “Det Som Engang Var” … “Filosofem “ , for then raising his vein of the Extreme Metal with two works of the Swedish and Finnish school, i.e. “Panzer Division Marduk” and “Suomi Finland Perkele”. The occult environment is what philosophic Satanism can embrace his spirit and damned soul. He has got a wide vision of the music and he doesn’t listen to Black Metal only, but also to other sonorities like Death Metal, Neofolk, Martial Industrial, Funeral… To sum up, all these gravitates on those sonorities which obscure his mind.


K: He is a big fan of discovering new music and will be mostly writing reviews of new music by bands both new and old. He’ll also be revisiting some of the genre’s classics and looking at how they’ve shaped our scene. Follower of the Black and Extreme Metal scene since the early 90’s. His path through metal started with the mighty Iron Maiden and Metallica during their glory years. Soon discovered Sodom and the thrash scene which led him to the Florida Death Metal scene. Lingered here for a year or two living off Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Obituary etc. Started to hear that good things were stirring in Norway, heard a Darkthrone record and the rest is history. The Blacker, the nastier, the better.


Mjsyl: She is a Mexican who began to get involved in the metal scene for almost two decades, going from the most classic to the most extreme sound. Her approach to Black Metal came just over a decade ago listening to bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir derived from the symphonic influence she had at the time and which also allowed her to explore the genre until she knew her roots. Immortal and Emperor are currently among her favorite bands. Listening to new proposals allows her to know the influence, evolution and permanence of the genre and make them known through writing. After music, design and photography are her greatest passions.


C.AllenContent provider/writer for TIBM. From the desolate and wind-torn mountains of the Mojave Desert to dank urban bowls of New York City, Black Metal artist and lifelong metal fan, C. Allen (ref. Belltower) have been actively immersed in the underground metal community for the better part of the last 15 years. Currently in the rotation: Dawn, Emperor, Paradise Lost, Slayer, Taake, Sargeist.


Kelly Tee: Mainly writing reviews and conducting interviews with unsigned underground Black Metal bands in Australia and around the Globe. She is a passionate lover of the intense music genres such as Opera, Classical and of course Metal, preferring the more extreme dark arts of music with Black Metal being her ultimate choice. This feeds her dark little heart so nicely. She’s an Engineer by day and in her spare time, loves to metal discover and shove the goodness of those Black Metal beauties down the throats of whoever will listen to her! She has a vast range of favourite second wave Black Metal bands such as Plaggha, Goatmoon, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, Beherit, Hellsaw, Craft, Beastcraft, Krypt and Satyricon to name a few and prefers her Metal to be unrelenting, vile, unholy and controversial.


Iceman: Iceman was born some decades ago in a metallic cage, put in an icy landscape from where there was absolutely no escape and sentenced to be exposed to Judas Priest, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden from his most tender age. He managed somehow to escape sometime later and found his way to the Underworld where he was literally endued to Death and the monster Dimmu Borgir and through Ancient Rites, he became Immortal but he got Enslaved by the Emperor of Darkthrone and imprisoned to the Dark Fortress. Then he was seduced by a Goatwhore and walked into the Graveland where he was confronted by the Wolves in the Throne Room under the frozen glance of the King Marduk, the Satanic Warmaster. The Rotting Christ he once adored had become an Impaled Nazarene in his eyes shrouded by an Aura Noir and lost in the Carpathian Forest during the entire Appalachian Winter. This is his story and in between fights with Enthroned demons he manages to write some reviews for This Is Black Metal Webzine.


Alexander Welt: His name is based on a character from the lyrics of one of his favorite bands that captivated him at the beginning (Bethlehem), more than anything on the album “Dictius te Necare”.  Like everyone, he started in the metal world at a very young age, and it wasn’t long when he discovered Black Metal, (he is 40 years old so he met him in his second wave in the mid-’90s). He started with bands like Mayhem, Dissection,  Darkthrone, Emperor, Immortal, etc.  But when his true appreciation began, it was when he discovered Orthodox Black Metal, why while all those bands went to other places outside the true principles of this genre and added other concepts and forms of music, bands like Ofermod, Malign,  Funeral Mist, Ondskapt, Triumphator, Nefandus, etc. (Swedish Black Metal) remained attached to the fundamental principles of black metal (religious Satanism and devil worship).  Then it was that his lighting came, his worship and his admiration for Black Metal became faithful, although he will always keep his respect and admiration for traditional Black Metal. He believes that Orthodox is what inhabits him the most in my life.  Bands like Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Aosoth, Acherontas, Nightbringer, Adaestuo, Ascension, Rebirth of Nefast, Svartidaudi, Slidhr, Inferno, Cult of Fire, Hetroertzen, etc.  etc.etc.etc.


Nihilist: His introduction to Black Metal was when in 2010 a bunch of older friends took his Rammstein-listening ass to Mayhem’s show in Belgrade. And from the second they started playing he was in awe and knew that he would never be the same by the end of the show. Since then he has been discovering obscure genres, particularly dark ones like noise music, darkpsy, psycore etc but always coming back to good old Black Metal. He does not have a premise to what he will like or won’t but he does prefer it raw and have no love for the synths whatsoever. From him, you can expect sincere reviews without any sugarcoating.


Lucretia and Clerik: A father/daughter team. Two generations of metalheads. Mostly interested in doing interviews with promising new bands, but not averse to doing reviews as well. Clerik was born in the former USSR and started listening to metal when he was 13 years old. His passion for metal started with traditional heavy metal and progressed to thrash and later to more extreme genres, mainly black metal. His favorites are Mgła, Darkthrone, Nokturnal Mortum, Sielunvihollinen, Dissection, Drudkh, and Peste Noire, but he is always eager to hear new and exciting material. Lucretia started listening to metal when she was only 7 years old and has never looked back. An aspiring musician and songwriter, she looks to thrash and black metal bands for inspiration. Favorite bands include Watain, Bathory, Mayhem, Satyricon, Advent Sorrow, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Taake, and Burzum, as well as many others.


N.P.: Listening to metal music since he was sixteen, he loves the darkest and more atmospheric genres of it, and especially those that bring fresh air to the scene and break the boundaries. When it comes to Black Metal, he likes Post Black Metal and Atmospheric Avant-Garde Black Metal. He loves Bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Altar of Plagues and Panopticon.


Obsidian Pope: He is a writer, musician, artist and occultist birthed out of snowclad Buffalo NY in the chaotic conglomerate known as the United States of America. Currently existing in the fair state of Illinois, City of Chicago, he is amongst the legions of Black Metallers exploring all which the genre has to offer. Alchemically coalescing styles and transcending paradigms via linguistical aptitude, Pope designs reviews, interviews and vlogs amicable to individual stylings as well as within the realm of the greater soundscape.


Maggie Welch: Mostly interviews, worships all music with a special connection to the dark and macabre genres; Norwegian Black Metal, 1st wave Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, thorns.


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Where is This Is Black Metal located?

TIBM: Headquarters in Crete, Greece, and team members from all around Europe. Prospective team members from all around the globe. This Is Black Metal’s focus is international.

Can I become a team member of This Is Black Metal?

TIBM: Sure. We are always open for fresh blood. Contact us on info@thisisblackmetal.com.

Do team members get paid?

TIBM: Not at all. Everybody contributes time, thought and energy out of love for the genre. Except for Archon X, in addition to all that he also puts his hand in his pocket deep enough to cover the costs of the website.

Can I make an advertisement on This Is Black Metal?

TIBM: Sure, it would help support the website’s operation after all! Just contact us on info@thisisblackmetal.com and no doubt we can agree on reasonable price and conditions.

Can I send you music for a review?

TIBM: Sure. As long as it is Black Metal. Contact us on info@thisisblackmetal.com and send material preferably as a hard copy CD. Music on YouTube Bandcamp .zip files are ok.

What is your scoring system?

TIBM: Generally speaking, the personal view is what a review is all about. Still, all views relate to a main idea of grading on This Is Black Metal, which ranges from 0 to 10, and is as follows:

10: A milestone.

9: Excellent.

8: Very good.

7: Good.

6: Decent.

5: Average, nothing special.

4: Below average.

3: Boring, uninspired.

2: Bad.

1: Disaster.

0: Total waste.

.5 in grading is also applied.

What is reviewed is – of course – the music itself, but special mention is made on artwork and production if there is a point in mentioning anything.