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News: Yovel Release their Second Album Entitled “Forthcoming Humanity”


Yovel Release their Second Album Entitled “Forthcoming Humanity”

Black Metallers Yovel release their second album entitled “Forthcoming Humanity“, based on poems by Tassos Leivaditis, the Greek poet of Love and Revolution.

The narration is made by Antriana Andreovits. The cover is based on the painting ”New Planet”, by Konstantin Yuon. The artwork re-design made by Argyris Athanasiades.

Forthcoming Humanity‘ is a concept album, a tribute to the struggles and the history of our land. Dedicated to the “comrade defeat“; to the victory that has yet to be seen.

This work is an understanding; every local struggle is universal. Every moment of the past stubbornly invites us, in every corner of the globe, to save the future. It is Athens of 1944, Barcelona of 1936, Paris of 2018. St. Petersburg in 1917, the land of the Zapatistas in 1994, Santiago in 1973, Portland today. It is the roads we did not walk. Yet.

Future Humanity” is a resolution. We will re-discover life on this planet. The future will be ours, or it will not exist.

Be a part of it.

Listen and buy it here: https://yovel.bandcamp.com/album/forthcoming-humanity-2020



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Yovel – Forthcoming Humanity [2020ᴴᴰ]


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