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Purity Through Fire sets March 21st as the international release date for Sarkrista‘s highly anticipated third album, Sworn to Profound Heresy, on CD, vinyl LP, A5 digipack, and cassette tape formats.

Since their fiery formation in 2011, Germany’s Sarkrista have upheld the banner of pure ‘n’ proud black metal in a most paradigmatic Finnish fashion – which is not surprising, given that the band consists of transplanted Finns. Nevertheless, whether you liken Sarkrista‘s sound to classic Finnish black metal or a newer breed of German black metal, the results are the same: a deadly devotion to Satanism and traditional black metal ideals, all conjured forth in a maelstrom of freezingly melodic fury. And the band have pursued that vision with a single-minded focus and clarity of execution for a prolific decade now.

Purity Through Fire‘s blood pact with Sarkrista began in 2014 with the vinyl edition of the band’s debut album, The Acheronian Worship, and that bond is stronger than ever. Now, together they cut their flesh for Satan with the long-awaited release of Sworn to Profound Heresy. Immediately recognizable as classic, characteristic SarkristaSworn to Profound Heresy makes good on its titular promise: you can literally FEEL the band bleed through every ripping note and ripped vocal chord. And as the album winds on, going from speedy icicles to triumphant marches, from hellish intensity to epic majesty, Sarkrista provoke possession through these eight dizzying yet immediately memorable spells. And as effortless as all this sounds, Sarkrista worked on the album from December 2019 to October 2020, ensuring only the best material was delivered into recorded form, here entirely written by vocalist/guitarist Revenant and bassist/drummer Exesor. Uniquely, a number of guest vocalists make an appearance on Sworn to Profound Heresy: Nocturnal Depression’s Lord Lokhraed on “The Chosen ones of Satan,” Curse Upon a Prayer’s The Infidel on “Destroyer of the Sun,” and AntimateriA on “A Whisper from Forgotten Coffins.” Indeed, the spirit of celebration and ruination runs rampart across the album, and surprising twists abound as Sworn to Profound Heresy comes to a climactic close…

“This album is a great homage to our great master, and eternal leader SATAN!” says the band of Sworn to Profound Heresy. As ever with Sarkrista, expect nothing but furious madness!

Feel the first furious madness with the brand-new track “The Beast Reborn” HERE at the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Cover artwork, courtesy of Misanthropic-Art, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sarkrista‘s Sworn to Profound Heresy
1. Intro
2. Sworn to Profound Heresy
3. Lair of Cursed Remains
4. Ablazing Ritual Torches
5. The Chosen Ones of Satan
6. Conjuring the Profane Fury
7. Destroyer of the Sun
8. The Beast Reborn
9. A Whisper From Forgotten Coffins




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