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Review: Arckanum – Den Förstfödde


Review by Lord Ixion

Arckanum - Den Förstfödde

Arckanum – Den Förstfödde

Record Label: Folter Records

Year: 2017

Rating: 7/10

Arckanum – the brainchild of Shamaatae – needs no special introduction, as it is on the scene since 1992, having released 9 full length albums, including this one. Shamaatae has also written many books about Pan, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Chaos-Gnosticism etc., and each work of Arckanum should be seen as an audio expression of his scripture.

The first 3 albums were a milestone in the scene, a mix of Swedish BM along with traditional BM riffs and atmospheric parts. Especially “Kostogher” and “Kampen” are Arckanum’s finest work! For unknown reasons, Shamaatae put on hold his project till 2008 and the comeback album Antikosmos. This and the follow up (“ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ“) are the best albums since the revival of Arckanum!

Unfortunately, all the later albums he released (from 2008 to 2013 he released 5 albums) had an effect to the quality of the albums. Not a single one of them reached the predecessors. This applies also to his new work.

Though it has been 4 years since “Fenris Kindir“, “Den Förstfödde” sounds pretty mediocre to me. Not bad, but with few moments that can get to a climax. Mostly mid paced BM, with a better and more BM sound that the previous one, but the riffs are in most songs generic and not noteworthy.

Overall a mediocre album with few glimpses, mostly for Arckanum fans.

Arckanum – Den Förstfödde (Full Album)