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Review by Lord Ixion

Vargrav – Netherstorm

Vargrav – Netherstorm

Record Label: Werewolf Records

Year: 2017

Rating: 10/10

What an excellent way to start the new year! The debut album of Vargrav is pure majestic Black Metal, the traditional ’94-’96 way! This album would certainly take you back to the golden era of majestic BM, as the Emperor taught us all with their In the Nightside Eclipse opus!

Netherstorm lacks totally on any new ideas, but who cares at all, when they deliver so well executed songs! Only Evilfeast have been able to do that, but we’ll talk about them in their review. Let’s start from the production – it is pretty solid, everything can be heard as it should be. Keyboards are present all the way through, but they never get too lame or overwhelming. Vocals are in the usual Finnish way, high pitched and tempos vary from mid tempo to fast one.

The use of keyboards reminds a lot not old Emperor, but Darkspace, adding a “space like” atmosphere. Guitar riffs are quite simple, melodic, like old Emperor, Obtained Enslavement, Mayhem (de Mysteriis era) even Dark Funeral.  The first press on vinyl comes with two bonus tracks, one of them is an Emperor cover of The Ancient Queen.

I’m sure that this record could easily enter my top 10 for 2018, even though it’s still early in the year!

VARGRAV “Netherstorm” FULL ALBUM STREAM (official) HD


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