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Review by Lord Ixion

Yovel - Hɪðəˈtu

Yovel – Hɪðəˈtu

Record Label: Self released

Year: 2018

Rating: 7/10

If I have to be honest, what really grabbed my attention to this release is the lyrical concept of the band. You don’t come often to bands with anticapitalistic attitude and approach on their lyrics.

Here we have to do with a new band from Greece and their debut album. Let’s start from the cover, carefully designed and elegant. Also the production is quite good, clear and solid, with a minor objection to the drum sound, I want them more “powerfull” and to sound a little more “full”. Yovel offer modern BM, with many Swedish references, especially the vocals sounds alike Watain, but I didn’t like at all the a la James Hetfield “yeah” that he used!

Speeds altered from mid tempo to fast ones and the songs structure have a complexity that differs them from the majority of the BM scene, influenced from bands such as Panopticon (mainly for the acoustic parts) or Schammasch.

Overall, a release of modern BM, well executed and easily approached by others not into BM. I hope that their new work would be more intense and “annoying”, to fit better with their concept and views as a band!

Yovel – Hɪðəˈtu (Full Album)


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