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Review: Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards


Review by Jeger

Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards

Record Label: Clobber Records

Year: 2022

Rating: 7.5/10

Manchester, England’s Wolfbastard are a trio of godless miscreants hell-bent on stoking the fires of blasphemy. And with a style that spans a variety of influences from Crust to Death and of course, some gritty first-wave inspired Black Metal, these guys are taking a varied, yet far-less elegant approach to the art of Black Metal. On January 14, they unleashed their third album, “Hammer the Bastards” via Clobber Records.




Now, let’s get dirty… With “Hammer the Bastards”, Wolfbastard are literally tossing its beer in the face of any sniveling critic who may be looking for some kind of elegant album rich with heritage and atmosphere. This is some bastardized metal indeed. Each track will appease both the stubborn purist and the modern BM junkie. I fall into the latter category. And while I love how the genre has evolved, it’s usually refreshing to hear a band like Wolfbastard revel in a different kind of heritage; One of Crust-Punk and Death metal in England that can be traced back to the early 80’s. Aside from that, “Hammer the Bastards” conveys concentrated Black Metal energy through greasy tremolo-driven cuts like the opener “Can’t Escape the Grave” or “Drag Me to Hell”, which delivers a straight Melodic Black Metal vibe. “Hammer” has a very English feel to it, but I can also say that the overall spirit or energy of “Hammer” is very Deströyer 666-like and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that either.


“Hammer the Bastards” is a swift lashing of an album; clocking in at 31 minutes; packed with thirteen blistering cuts. Wolfbastard stuff a lot into a very small package. I had no desire to hit the dreaded skip button, but at the same time, when the experience culminated, I didn’t feel like I needed to hear anymore either. There simply weren’t any songs in particular that called me back. That being said, and in short, “Hammer the Bastards” is an entertaining venture into the realm of the old-school, the sick and the blasphemous.


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