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Review by Rick Eaglestone

Völniir – All Hope Abandon

Record Label: Church of Eradication

Year: 2021

Rating: 9/10

Four years have passed since The Enigma EP, but now Völniir has returned with their first full-length album All Hope Abandon.   

Opener “The Adamantine Gates” wastes little time and jumps in with vast levels of ferocity, so too does my highlight track of the album “The Great Oppressor” has some wonderful elements running throughout also vocally Tubal-Quayin is particularly great.




The unrelenting drumming from Azrael continues throughout “Wolves Among The Dead” whilst the punishing guitar and bass work on “The Bottomless Hunger” from S.V. Needs to be appreciated and admired.

Absolutely no pace change for “A Sermon In Thunder” although this track does offer the nostalgic feel of a past era with it’s familiarity – a slight change in guitar tone and sound on “The Depths of Abjection” changes  the complexity of the album as to does the vocal style and backing.

“Malice and Lament” have the kind of start that gives you an impression of maybe being instrumental but that idea was very quickly shaken from my skull but then you get midway point of the track and I must admit at being taken aback – Firstly I absolutely adored as it and secondly it gives not only the track itself a real sense of depth and encapsulates the band’s sound perfectly, this then fades into the final track “As Night Falls, Let Her Reign Begin” wonderfully where it’s clear that Völniir still fully expect the listener to be in awe of such a well rounded and fantastically produced album.

Völniir – All Hope Abandon (Full Album)

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