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Review: Urfeind – Wraiþaz (EP)


Review by Dagon M.

Urfeind – Wraiþaz (EP)

Record Label: Independent

Year: 2021

Rating: 8.5/10

Urfeind is a Black Metal project from Germany that was created by Skadwaz back in 2015. The band embodies the left-hand bath principles and that of Germanic heathenism through their dark art. So far they have released two full-lengths, with the latest one in 2020 being a great display of raw evil Black Metal.

This time the band will return with their upcoming EP “Wraiþaz”, which is set to be released on 21.01.2021 via Online Music Stores later physical via Avgrundsklanger.

After their vicious creation “Þurisabloþa” a few months back, this time the band wonders in a more melodic direction. Guitar riffs are the focal point of this EP as it becomes clear from the starting melodic leads. The vocals have a lot of depth with a dismal feeling straight out of the abyss, without the lack of bone piercing screams in some parts obviously.



Wraiþaz” offers a mix of diverse tempos in every song, with the track “Void” offering the most climaxing ferocity of the whole. The drums complete the guitar riffs in an organic way with blast beasts making their appearance here and there to ump things up.

The production offers a bleak and dark sound, making it seem as every instrument holds great power behind it, while tremolo picking adds to the rawness of each song. The lyric patterns stay true to the anti-cosmic character of the band and their heathen spirit.

From start to finish this EP will gulf you to a cloak of darkness while making you feel like the world around you freezes over. Urfeind continues on their path of great recordings with this EP being one to look out for in 2021.

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