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Review: Ultra Silvam – The Sanctity of Death


Review by Dagon M.

Ultra Silvam – The Sanctity of Death

Record Label: Shadow Records

Year: 2022

Rating: 9/10

Utra Silvam is a Black Metal band formed in 2015 hailing out of Sweden. Consisting of 3 members they made their presence known in 2019 with their debut album «The Spearwound Salvation». They present a brutal style of Black Metal with melodic hints that are based on contrast dynamics. «The Sanctity of Death» is their sophomore release this year, showing that the band has taken the next step to the continuation of their path. They put a leash on their inner brutality without slowing down or limiting their creativity, while adding slower parts that don’t let the attention of the listener off the hook at any time.


Ultra Silvam


The album starts off with a booming bass line and church ringing to mark the introduction of «Dies Irae». They show their intentions right away, with the rendition of different themes unfolding before concluding with a religious chant. «Sodom Vises Himlafärd» is the album’s brightest spot. Vicious riffs combine perfectly with evil melodies and amazing vocal performances to create a breathtaking result. The title track is an organic continuation leading into the instrumental interlude of «Tintinnabuli Diaboli». An ear-piercing riff that serves as the backbone of «Förintelsens Andeväsen del II: Den Deicidala Transsubstantiationens Mysterium» that feels as if things are about to get out of at any moment. «Black Soil Fornication» and «Incarnation Reverse» are exceptionally composed pieces of primitive riffs, intricate melodies and some punk elements that make up the whole album’s character. «Of Molded Bread and Rotten Wine» serves as the album’s finale. An epic closer that sums up everything we just heard, indicating the thin line between reality and total chaos. With this album, Ultra Silvam shows what Black Metal is all about.

The signs of musical progression are clear as well as the band’s dedication to produce this result. Melodic strings always serve as the foundation and the border to contain everything from dwelling in absolute madness. The drums are a bit toned down while the rough production they went with serves its purpose. Vocals are on mid-grow level, pouring in the whole ordeal that always unleashes something new with every passage. From start to bottom an excellent result that is worth many listens. Ultra Silvam makes a strong statement about the Black Metal result and an early case for album of the year. Highly recommended to every fan out there.


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