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Review: Towards Hellfire – Death Upon the Holy Throne


Review by Mjsyl

Towards Hellfire – Death Upon the Holy Throne

Record Label: Putrid Cult

Year: 2023

Rating: 7/10

Towards Hellfire is a Black Metal band that begins to make its way onto the scene through the presentation of their debut album titled “Death Upon The Holy Throne”. Made up of R (vocals and guitar), P (bass) and D (drums), this Polish trio has some history within the genre as they were part of the first Behemoth era and were former members of Martwa Aura.


The album begins with Nocturnal Rites, a song characterized by tremolo guitar chords that merge with the sound of drums creating a rather catchy rhythm that will immediately grab the listener’s attention. The vocal execution is distinguished using guttural voices that takes up the essence of Old-school Black Metal, but with a more modern touch.


In Hammer for Betrayal, we can appreciate a rhythm-oriented guitar sound with some passages developed with tremolo support that recreate this atmosphere of Black Metal from the early 90’s. A song that does not diminish in terms of power, but that has some sound changes to add more variety to the album. I like how the bass notes are appreciated in specific parts of the song.


Obssessed by Hate stands out for the execution of the drums together with the electric guitar whose sound is consistent throughout the song and recreating some atmospheric landscapes. The vocal performance is more oriented towards Old-school Black Metal. Follow the Path of Chaos maintains the same style as its predecessor, with the difference that the vocal performance becomes more heartbreaking in certain parts and its chorus is quite catchy.


Towards Hellfire


In Death Upon The Holy Throne the intervention of the guitar with tremolo returns, creating interesting rhythmic parts that combine quite well with the vocal interpretation. A song that is perhaps not surprising since the previous songs have maintained the same style throughout the album.


The Gospel of Violence is distinguished by the drumming in which we can subtly appreciate some vocal harmonies that merge with the instrumentation of the song as well as some melodic parts in the guitar solo.


Transfiguration has a spectacular start that I would like to hear in a concert because the sound of the drums encourages anyone. I love how the instrumentation becomes much more aggressive compared to its predecessors seasoned by some melodic elements developed by the guitar.


Finally, The Oath of the Ancient’s Gods reinforces the level of aggressiveness in musical terms in which a certain influence of European thrash metal can be appreciated.


Death Upon The Holy Throne is an album that lovers of Old-school Black Metal will definitely love, or those who want to get away from the new trends in the genre and want to return to the roots. Although his level of aggressiveness in musical terms will invite the listener to headbanging with his musical proposal, it can become tedious or boring due to the similarity of his songs and the few structural variations in their instrumentation.

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