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Review by Obsidian Pope

The True Werwolf – Devil Crisis

Record Label: Werewolf Records

Year: 2020

Rating: 8/10

Incubated within the arms of wampyircism and satanic lust, Werwolf was cast into the sea of black lodge consciousness. The year, 2007, the ancient frozen and forested terrain of Finland, a mere thirty kilometres throw from Mother Russia’s icy thralls, it’s where this beastliness…. was birthed.

Fast forward thirteen years into the future of fuckery, and here we stand at the precipice of our collective demise, unsure of tomorrow as an ever-growing darkness looms upon the whole of humanity. Yet behold, the great and ever-growing beast emerges yet again to fuel chaos within the minds of macabre madness, THE TRUE WERWOLF has returned.

This twenty-twenty release comes not a moment too soon, as ‘Devil Crisis’ is the allegorical equivalent to the current global absurdity and the blackened ambient demiurge is the malevolent masterwork we’ve come to expect.

From the mouth of madness spawn through the coil former, foam and cone, hot out of the gates of Hell we have triumphantly shone the throne in a tale entitled ‘My Journeys Under the Battlemoon’.

Trampled with double bass blasting and static dual axes, wretchedly clear reverberated vocals shriek throughout the sonic space this song has claimed as home, in totality, utterly Finnish.


The True Werwolf

Journey commenced, we are next shown ‘Thy Deviant’, phantasmagorical with a cacophonous atmosphere, both devilish and melody-driven, there is no ceiling in the emotive conjuring presented here. (This track has an Emperor-esque quality as well, which personally is always a welcomed element.) Deviant, indeed… Insidious?… ABSOLUTELY.

Contented within soul and Satan, we push forward.

Much as witchcraft out of time, the third instalment of this record shall be heard as both revered and reviled, ‘Spellbound’ is Black Metal perfection. Drawing once again from the wells of sorrow, emotional encapsulation is an understatement as life within occultism is propelled to the frontlines of this astral assault.

Seriously sadistic and sorrowful; thoroughly enjoyable.

Next we are presented with ‘Chi No Namida’, a glance into obscurity within orthodoxy, this extremely wampyric track is reminiscent of Theatres Des Vampires and does not disappoint in creating the most wondrous transportational vibration. Eat your heart out Bram Stoker as this barrage of blasphemy will kick down your castle doors and drive both fangs directly into your throat.

0373’ is a place of phasers and flangers, both melodic and destructive. Symphonics resounding, metal at its most illuminative, this track has a tone all its own. Elements of prog eclectically coalesced with a hint of epic, this is enjoyable on a different level than its predecessors.

Back into the blackened thralls of forested witchcraft, concealed by sonic brush and blizzarding axes, ‘The Witch of My Heart’ will bewitch your soul. This is the classic Immortal essence with better quality, lyricism and tone, something for the witch in all of us and the black metal purist in our minds.

This record closes out on possibly the most Motörhead homage to ever grace a black metal album. ‘Magick Fire’ is metal elegance and an ode to the 1970’s where it all began. Needless to say, this old head damn near exploded. Duelling guitars, d-beat drumming and consistency, consistency, CONSISTENCY!

When it’s all said and done, this is a must-listen and one I’ll be coming back to again and again. Aside from a bit of thematic meandering, this is an 8/10 in my book.

Hail The True Werwolf!


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