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Review: The Last Knell – Præterhuman (The Spectrum of Aphelion)


Review by Kelly Tee

The Last Knell – Præterhuman (The Spectrum of Aphelion)

Record Label: Schattenkult Produktionen

Year: 2019

Rating: 8/10

The Last Knell, hailing from Chile, has established something very forceful and unforgiving within the album Præterhuman (The Spectrum Of Aphelion), released in 2019.

Where to start?! Ok, the beginning. However, firstly let me say this entire album is inescapable and loud. The feeling of impending disaster is prevalent and immediate as soon as ‘Proarkhe Emanations’ track initiates. The Last Knell has demonstrated dark and enigmatic elements while mixing a peculiar, weighted and gloomy ambiance.  This song is captivating and immediately sparks intrigue. Your vicious Black Metal cravings should be met and appeased here.  What a great song placement forming a strategy to ensure the listener does not hit stop!

Præterhuman (The Spectrum Of Aphelion) is an album that progresses in-depth as you move through each track. The musicianship is extreme, entertaining and savage. Complete with murky riffs, exceptionally dramatic and moody drum tracks, and ominous and fantastic low gutturals. Prepare to be engulfed by it all.

The Last Knell


The Last Knell bestows a sound within this album that will activate your metal mind, and most definitely grab your senses hard – pulling you through this raw yet indulgent black metal journey.

The Supreme Aspect Of Death track. Are you kidding me? Incredible! A crescendo of all things great about Black Metal occurs within this song.  The skill and artistic sensitivity is alive a well and showcased to robust levels.  Fast, void of light, crushing and unsettling.

Stunning melodies are not forgotten and were prominent within the track ‘ Quelle Des Lebens‘. A very heavy listen that unexpectedly took a turn down an atmospheric and breathtaking music tunnel, forging a masterful design with strums of what sounded like they were being played on a Lute propelling a sound of unexpected sadness.

Vocalist Idimmu has put in a  remarkable effort. Vocally powerful and commending and can only be summed up as epic. His voice tailors perfectly to the big emotion of the album and creates another level of heaviness, dread and conviction. He is a dominating force.  

The Last Knell


Præterhuman (The Spectrum Of Aphelion) creation is passionate and severe with intelligent lyrical content and is an overall excellent listen. It is an album that has been executed to impressive levels.

The Last Knell has eased up on the doom sub-genre components as heard on their previous album (Æon Vmbra Genesis),  this time concentrating more on the pure intensity and rawness of black metal with an obvious increase to their darkness, speed, brutality, and with just enough subtle synth, offering a sense of beauty admits the shadows.

What they have done here is very imposing, ambient and full of unworldly themes.

This is an album that has been stripped back enough for authenticity, yet produced to a standard of good clarity. Nothing is overdone here, nor has the grittiness we often seek in black metal been lost.


The Last Knell – Præterhuman (The Spectrum of Aphelion) (FULL ALBUM – 2019)