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Review by Mjsyl

Nordjevel – Gnavhòl

Record Label: Indie Recordings

Year: 2022

Rating: 9/10

Nordjevel continues to trace their own path within the music scene with the release of Gnavhòl via Indie Recordings, which, on the one side, combines the extensive experience of their members by being part of iconic bands of the genre such as Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel, Ragnarok, Abbath, among others, and on the other, strengthens their musical identity by presenting an unbridled sound proposal that fuses Black/Death Metal that will make any fan of Extreme Metal salivate.




“I Djevelens Skygge” introduces us directly and non-stop to the level of brutality to which the band has accustomed us since the release of their previous album: Necrogenesis (2019). With some references to Satanism in the lyrical part, you can see the characteristic riffs of Black Metal in the use of the guitar and impeccable performance in terms of drums.


“Of Rats and Men” is one of the promotional singles from this album, whose visual proposal criticizes the church, being one of the central topics within the genre. At the sound level, it generates that sensation of chaos and destruction through the incessant movement of the guitar in which some rhythmic parts stand out that manages to attract the attention of the listener and that contrasts with Doedsadmiral’s guttural voices.


“Satans Manifest” brings with it the essence of old-school Black Metal in which, through the chords of the guitar and the drums, they generate that dark and gloomy atmosphere. The introduction of the vocal part completely breaks the musical harmony, becoming much more aggressive and wild, guided in a few moments by the chords played by Destructhor. A song that doesn’t disappoint in terms of speed, but adds variety to the album.


“Within the Eyes” is perhaps one of the most representative songs on the album and in which the creative possibilities of this Norwegian quintet can be appreciated. The incessant pounding on the double bass drum in conjunction with Doedsadmiral’s visceral voice is the main ingredient of this song in which he describes the underworld.


“Gnavhòl” is a song in which the creative capacity of the band can be appreciated, moving away from the dizzying rhythm and full of brutality that has characterized the first part of this album, opting for a slow sound generating a much denser and darker atmosphere. As the song progresses we can distinguish some flashes in the execution of the percussion and the guitars that are quite appreciated. Simply wonderful.


“Antichrist Flesh” creates a kind of transition in which it picks up some chords from previous songs to give way to the band’s characteristic sound. The guitar chords incorporate some melodic elements as the song progresses.


“Spores of Gnosis” is an «in crescendo» song in which it is appreciated how the members of the band play with different tempos and nuances to achieve the construction of their own sound incorporating progressive and melodic elements in the execution of the guitar and the drums. The introduction of the vocal part is presented in the highest part of the song in which continuity is given with this dose charged with the brutality that is part of the musical identity of the band.


“Gnawing the Bones” leaves nothing to the imagination and presents us with the most insane facet of the Norwegian quintet. The musical combination that is created from the chords of the guitar, the drums and the vocal performance is truly a delicacy to the ear.


“Endritual” brings us closer to the end of the album in which we can appreciate the incorporation of melodic elements in the execution of the guitar and drums that contrasts with the guttural voices, which, compared to previous songs, are more subdued allowing us to appreciate the technique in its interpretation. As listening progresses, we can distinguish a more aggressive sound without reaching a climatic point.


“Twisted Psychosis” returns to the musical style that Nordjevel has accustomed us to, loaded with an overdose of aggressive riffs and non-stop drumming. A theme that is enjoyed from start to finish.


Nordjevel is established as one of the promises of Norwegian Black Metal for its performance quality in terms of instrumentation and vocal performance. Gnavhòl is an album that illustrates the variety of styles contemplated by the second wave of Black Metal and could perhaps be a musical reference for those who wish to delve into the genre, however, when comparing it with their previous works there is little room for innovation due to the similarity between their different songs.


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