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Review: Mord’A’Stigmata – Dreams of Quiet Places


Review by N.P.

Mord’A’Stigmata – Dreams of Quiet Places

Record Label: Pagan Records

Year: 2019

Rating: 8/10

It is always a pleasure to discover fresh new music that surprises you. This is the case with ”Dreams of Quiet Places” by MORD’A’STIGMATA and i have to say that i am impressed with this album. Did i say fresh new music? Yes.. But MORD’A’STIGMATA aren’t newcomers at all. They are active since 2004 and they have released five full length albums (Which i have not yet found the time to listen, but i hope will soon).I am not aware of how much attention they gained from their four first albums but i can say for sure that ”Dreams of Quiet Places” deserves a lot of attention and i hope that it will bring recognition to the Polish Band.

On ”Dreams of Quiet Places” the band delivers almost 45 minutes of quality Avant-garde Black Metal that is technical, raw, atmospheric and progressive. The band’s performance is amazing, the compositions really shine and the production (raw and at the same time clean but not sterile) leads to an excellent result! The album starts with the mid-tempo ” Between Walls Of Glass” which is built slowly by synths and guitars and when the vocals enter the song it draws your attention. ”Exiles” starts with a raw synth bass line intro proving that synths can be a basic element of (Extreme) metal without sounding cheesy at all…Add some amazing vocals and riffs that will stuck in your head and we have one the best tracks of the album! ”Exiles” alongside with ”Spirit into Crystal” and ”Void Within” are the album’s best moments. One of the things that i really enjoyed while i was listening on the album besides the guitar riffs are the synths. No Cheesy synths here.. The synths on the album are used properly adding character to the band’s music and this is one of the album’s pros.

To sum up, ”Dreams of Quiet Places” is an album that you should definitely listen if you’re into Prog/Avant-garde/Black Metal. I give this album 8/10 and i hope that this rate is fair enough! Trust me, this album deserves your attention!

MORD’A’STIGMATA – Dreams of Quiet Places, 2019 [FULL ALBUM]

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