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Review by SadoMaster Rattenkönig

In Corpore Mortis – Eons of Attrition (EP)

Record Label: Narcoleptica Productions

Year: 2020

Rating: 7.5/10

Interesting EP released towards the end of last year for the italics In Corpore Mortis, admittedly a preview of a second full length. Four tracks of more than good workmanship and with quite interesting ideas.

“Ara Procellarum” begins with an Old-school Black attack that features interesting bass lines, then moves towards an atmospheric break made up of storm noises which then flows into guitar harmonization. The sung in the Italian language does justice to the song: note also the good mixing and choice of sounds.


In Corpore Mortis


The second track “Sacrifice For Vengeance” is my favorite of the whole work: part shot, then becomes more introspective with an acoustic break played with a distorted bass in the background and then leads to a reflective melodic riff. Also in this episode, the bass lines are interesting: a feature that makes the EP appreciate even more, during which no instrument is left in the background. The song picks up with a more “in your face” part towards the end that winks at death metal. One of the best songs composed by the band that I hope to have the opportunity to hear during their next gigs.

“Heretic Resistance” is a good blow, the most frenetic song on the album that moves on skillful changes in the rhythm of the drums. The only flaw, for my taste, is the guitar solo of very little inspiration. The concluding “Faceless Entity” is another interesting episode that mixes more brutal and more melodic parts worthy of the best Swedish Black Melodic Metal. A song that closes this new, beautiful work by In Corpore Mortis in a very good way.

Knowing that this is just a mini-album in anticipation of a real album makes me have high expectations for the future full-length: we look forward to the new work. The band nowadays proves they have a lot to offer.

In Corpore Mortis – Eons of Attrition (Full EP) [2020]

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