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Review by Rick Eaglestone

Helfró – Helfró

Record Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists

Year: 2020

Rating: 9/10

Icelandic Black Metal duo unleashes their self-titled debut album.

I do enjoy the beginning of a bands journey; being album to examine a debut album can be arduous – but not when a debut has been on your radar which fortunately Helfró has been for a while now.

The shrilling guitar sound comes in immediately with opener “Afeitrun” which weave into the blast beat heavy “Ávöxtur af rotnu tré” although there is a wonderful choral moment halfway into the track that deserves a special mention.

Eldhjarta” is an absolute aural attack whilst the tempo really slows down for the very atmospheric solo driven “Þrátt fyrir brennandi vilja” which is then followed by my highlight track of the album “Þegn hinna stundlegu harma” purely for its old school savagery.


The vocals on “Hin forboðna alsæla” really encapsulate everything I love about this release, the combination of melody entwined with bleak savagery really is a huge selling point for this debut.

Katrín” is ashamedly unrelenting which leaves final track “Musteri agans” to pick up the pieces which it not only does but takes those pieces throws them into a slithering cauldron and then re-emerges a fury that I have to say for a final track was not expecting…

Helfró was recorded at Studio Emissary and was Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Stephen Lockhart.

This debut captures the essence of classic Black Metal but adds a modern twist.

Helfró – Helfró (Full Album)


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