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Review by N.P.

Hegemone – We Disappear

Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Year: 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

I came across this album a few months ago randomly while checking news and new music from DebemurMorti Productions. It’s always a pleasure to discover new bands and to be honest, Hegemone surprised me in a very good way!


We dissapear” is not the typical Post – Black Metal Album. The label ”Blackened Post Metal” fits better in Hegemone’s music. Hegemone‘s Blackened Post Metal is defined by rhythm and melodic guitars, screaming vocals, well used synths and atmospheric textures.From the Black/Crust-like ”Mara” to the fifteen minute epic ”Тәңірі”, Hegemone offer  51min of quality blackened Post Metal, butthe band does not stick into one genre. All the music  elements tie together harmonically. Black Metal riffing, post metal crescendos, sludge elements,heavy basslines,  screaming vocals, raw clean vocals (”fracture”), female vocals (”ХанТәңірі”) and synth textures co – exist in a perfect way. After the third listen on the album I realized  there is no cliche here. No high-pitched vocals, no shoegazing attempts, no typical chord progressions.Just honest music by the polish quartet.”Fracture”, ”Raising Barrows”,”ХанТәңірі”  and”Тәңірі”are the albums best tracks in my opinion. This album is one of my favourites of 2018. Well done, Hegemone!

Hegemone Logo

In conclusion, ”We Disappear”is very good Atmospheric and cold Album that it will satisfy the fans of Post Black genre who seek somethingnew. Their music is fresh, modern, and has character. I am looking forward for their next step!




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