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Review by Kelly Tee

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

Record Label: Season of Mist

Year: 2019

Rating: 10/10

Since Nornagest stepped forward to take lead vocals in 2007, Enthroned has provided another dimension of heaviness and confidence with the albums they have produced over time and Cold Black Suns will confirm this statement.

 The instrumental introduction to Cold Black Suns sets a mood of approaching doom. There is an ominous disposition projected by this music arrangement, and while it might feel slightly drawn out, it does create great suspense.

“Hosanna Satana” breaks the previous slow doom feel and penetrates the eardrums with infinite levels of heaviness made up of busy and creative drum beats, exceptionally thick black riffs and an assault of Nornagest’s vocals. The entire sound feels as if it was created to draw blood like a sharp yet serrated blade. 




This album is full of satanic lyrics and shows delicious dense breakdowns. Of course, double fat kicks, dirty, murky and secular riffs too can be heard, which should go without mention given This Is Black Metal, however, there is something in Enthrones instrument execution that takes these signature sounds to the next level.

 As you progress through the 9 tracks, a significant emotion of pride is evident within their sound and rightly so having been in the game for 25 years. The Belgium giants have not missed any of their signature elements within this album yet have experimented by including sounds with more trepidation and adding foreboding intervals to the speed tempo. This may cause a feeling of impatience for those looking for a full-throttle pace the entire album, however, that said these elements bring a heavyweight to the sound of Cold Black Sun and creates a chill to the core at times and causes a variance in the ambiance of the album.

 Tracks such as “Oneiros” is sure to punch you in the face with vile lyrics, imposing and evil musicianship and an often-obscure tempo together with plaguing vocals constructing a big secular tone, one that feels indestructible.




Cold Black Suns is loaded with aggression and is an imposing Black Metal venture with ungodly sounds taken to superb levels.  This is an album riddled with gloomy and effective melodies crafting a sadistic beauty amongst all the plague with noticeable decision to include rhythmic drum tracks more so over blast beats.

 This is a deep dive into what resembles an occultist ritual, with tracks overlayed with sacrilegious chants creating a trance-like moment at times.

 If you clear your mind and listen to Cold Black Suns without expecting to hear entirely “old” Enthroned, and instead take consideration to their staying power as a band, their progression as musicians and their right to experiment with their creation than you will be sure to enjoy this too.

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns (2019) Full Album

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