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Review: Dusk Lurker – Whispers from the Blood Moon (EP)


Review by The Black Metal Historian

Dusk Lurker – Whispers from the Blood Moon

Record Label: Wulfhere Productions

Year: 2021

Rating: 7/10

As much as I love venturing away from my usual cave every now and then, listening to some good Raw Black Metal always feels like coming back home for me and Dusk Lurker is one of the acts that I’m sure I’ll be coming back in the future to kill that rawness itch. Released just a few weeks ago, this album has quickly climbed the ranks to be one of my favourite releases so far in 2021.


Dusk Lurker


Even though “Whispers…” only contains 3 songs, this record definitely packs a punch since the very first riff from a lonely guitar in the amazing opener “The Moon Whispers”; I was hooked from the very beginning and this album never let me go. Please, please go on and listen to this record. After listening to it (and also their debut EP entitled Heretic), I can’t help but feel that Dusk Lurker is one of those hidden gems that could very easily become an underground cult classic.

Dusk Lurker – Whispers From The Blood Moon (full ep, 2021)

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