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Review by Dagon M.

Deathspell Omega – The Long Defeat

Record Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli

Year: 2022

Rating: 9/10

Three years after their last opus, Deathspell Omega makes its return with a new chapter. France’s most notorious Black Metal band, they need no introduction being on top of the scene. Through their unique musical journey, they have created their distinct identity, influencing a multitude of bands. With this album, Deathspell Omega appear completely changed yet again.

After the band has stated that it will be the beginning of a new era, they showcase that by being more atmospheric and playing at a slower tempo, than someone would expect. They carve an odd, depressive atmosphere with an unprecedented psychism, like nothing you have heard before. Their lyrics are more straightforward, leaving less for interpretation, as they put together a top-notch vocal roster with Aspa, Mortuus and MGLA’s M.



Our journey starts with the chants of «Enantiodromia», before leaving their place to a whirling riff and a swirl of drums. The vocal delivery is captivating, contributing to the track’s introspective atmosphere, while malicious musical soundscapes are created through the use of electronic sounds. The album gets increasingly faster at an upwards trajectory, as «Eadem, Sed Aliter» is introduced. This track also follows the same pattern but reaches a higher pressure point. The album title track, «The Long Defeat», starts with a tremolo-picked melody that screams Deathspell Omega of old. The guitars hook with the vocals, while the bass an eerie ringing across its existence. «Sie Sind Gerichtet!» is the album’s standout. Starting off with a drum outburst, it will suffocate you in its variety of melodies and hellish guitar riffs. This is the album’s climax before calming down the intensity with «Our life is your Death». A track that completely contrasts with its predecessors, it contains some post-balco elements. With a black n’ roll feel it follows a mid-tempo, with Aspa’s vocals highlighting every detail.


Deathspell Omega delivers yet another masterpiece to their illustrious career, that will leave the listener troubled. The contrasting atmospheres created by the fact that the vocals move on a parallel line with the guitars are mesmerizing. With every listen, you can discover something new and it’s a feast for the subconscious. The production follows the same lines as always. The guitars have a good mix of distortion and slight reverb, the bass can be heard echoing and the drums are thick in volume without overtaking at any point. «The Long Defeat» indeed splits the fan’s opinions as it is different from what we are used to expecting. Deathspell Omega maintained the high creativity that allowed them to place themselves light years ahead of everyone else. They continue marching on their own path and it always will be a landmark every time they release something new!


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