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Review: Azazel – Aegrum Satanas Tecum


Review by Jeger

Azazel – Aegrum Satanas Tecum

Record Label: Primitive Reaction

Year: 2021

Rating: 8/10

From somewhere deep below in the fiery chasms of the Finnish Black Metal circuit crawls Azazel, and with them a rotten, blasphemous record in their 2021, full-length studio LP, “Aegrum Satanas Tecum”. It was unleashed by the abominable Primitive Reaction Records and features eight blazing album cuts forged under Satan’s mighty hammer. Each track screams late 90’s Finnish BM, and what’s more the real beauty of this record lies within its old-fashioned adoration of His Infernal Majesty along with its clear and ever-present adversarial message.




With “Aegrum Satanas Tecum”, Azazel cast an already blackened genre in an even darker light with angel-slaying tracks like “Jesus Christ Impotent Rotten Savior” and “Welcome to Church Bizarre” that are nothing more than nasty trudges through some of Black Metal’s most unforgiving territories as I can’t help but be reminded of outfits like Urgehal and Tsjuder with every putrid guttural and every dismal progression. This recording was not realized with the intention to captivate or awe in any way, shape or form. There are no soaring melodic hooks to take wing upon nor a tasty lead to savor. This happens to be Black Metal in its most brutal form, and it’s only compounded by truly impious songs like “Demons Attack the Nun’s Chapel” and the closer “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas” that see Satanic Black Metal’s flag hoisted high above the charred remains of feeble sheep and the amber smolder of churches immolated.


This record is not for anyone; only for those willing to plunge into the depths of what the genre has to offer. Herein lies an age-old renegade spirit whose presence can be felt throughout this hellish volume. The energy is harsh and the atmosphere is oppressive mainly due to the recording’s rather raw production. Albums like “Aegrum Satanas Tecum” are not an acquired taste, or at least they shouldn’t be. This is our beloved genre in all its stripped-down, hate-fueled, diabolical glory. And as far as the music is concerned, sure, I would’ve appreciated more in the dynamic range department, but this isn’t that kind of an album. Definitely not for mainstream ears. For fans of Archgoat, Urgehal and Sargeist.


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