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Review by Lord Ixion

Afsky - Sorg

Afsky – Sorg

Record Label: Vendetta Records

Year: 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Afsky is the solo project of Ole Pedersen Luk, also member of Solbrud, both Danish BM acts. I haven’t heard anything of Solbrud or the first EP of Afsky before, so this is my first contact with Ole’s work. And my view upon it is very positive!

Let’s see what we have here. Furious BM, fast, with excellent sound, razor sharped guitars and screaming vocals! All the songs are quite simple in their form, 2-3 riffs, quite melodic but not too cheesy. Afsky reminds me a lot Norwegian BM bands, era 1996-98, like Isvind.

Though not original at all, Sorg is so well played and some riffs gonna stuck in your mind for a lot of time! Certainly this work is much better than their fellow countrymen Angantyr’s new album… I suggest you to give it at least a hearing, songs like Skaer or Vaettekongen , are pure masterpieces! Now I’m gonna give a try to Solbrud.

Afsky – Sorg (Full Album)

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