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Review by Obsidian Pope

Aethyrick – Praxis

Record Label: The Sinister Flame

Year: 2018

Rating: 10/10

Formed in the wintry bowels of Finland in 2016, the Blackened supremacy known as Aethyrick began to take shape.
Combining Black Metal with the epic and atmospheric, founding and only members Gall and Exile began their career by first releasing the beautiful and astonishing ‘The Trident Bearer’ Demo in 2017, followed shortly by another brilliant piece of work, ‘Athanor of Sorcery’ Demo in the same year.
‘Twas after the success and apparent cohesion that they then released the ‘Praxis’ Full Length in 2018.
Praxis commences as all which is mystical and esoteric does, profoundly and encapsulating. The opening track ‘Protectress’ kicks down your door with a barrage of melody and double bass blasting, directing your senses to the overwhelmingly symphonic resonance which then becomes the body of this introductory soundscape.
As the protectress is sonically summoned we begin to sense the nature of her empirical wisdom. The resonance swells and recedes akin to ocean waves within the grasp of lunar pull. She beckons us to her side with love and harmonious sanctity and Aethyrick‘s theme for Praxis makes its architecture known.
It is ritual, it is love, it is devotion, but amongst all of these themes, perhaps the most recognisable of all is their dominance within the occultist circle. They recognise and understand the power in summoning and most abundantly of all, the strength in their own power and hers. As this circle has been cast, they continue their chant with the second of sigils, ‘Reverence’.


Much as the opening ‘Protectress’, ‘Reverence’ is the worshipping of her. It’s audio embrace permeates the appreciation of her arrival, as we the listener are now understanding that these are not a collection of songs of which this album has to offer, but instead pages from a dark book of shadows, documenting a ritual in its entirety.
The third step in this rite is the journey into her realm, aptly entitled ‘Pilgrimage’.
This descent into the unknown carries us on a spiral of sounds, both symphonic and melodic in nature, it is cleansing and mysterious. Capturing the elegy of life and confusion of consciousness passing from one realm to the next, it’s beauty lies within the trek.
Quietude’ is the place we reach when our astral wings have become tired. It is solace after a night without rest. Instrumentally mastered, allowing reprieve within the walls of elegance. Encapsulating flickering eyelids and lights in the distance, this track acts as an intermission of sorts, both lending way to what was and what is to come.
Wayfarer’ catapults us on the next stage of this adventure into the unknown. Easily the most Black Metal track thus far, its ambiance and consistency is reminiscent of Dimmu Borgir in a sense, without deviating too much from this now classic Aethyrick sound. It is the continuance of travel after rest, the recognition that this dream has not yet reached its conclusion and thusly, you’re now a soldier enthralled within otherworldly arms.
Track six is entitled ‘Adytum’ which is the innermost sanctuary within an Ancient Greek temple; rightfully so. We have reached a point of no return. Almost at paths-end, this thoroughly sinister ode to mental marble captures the pillars and sigil scrawled floor of the temple beneath its sonic feet. A soundscape preaching truth and harmonious reconciliation, leaving us with understanding and comprehension of all which came before and that which is yet to come. Inducing a trance like state at points, this trip is almost at conclusion.
The mastery of ‘Praxis’ reaches its pinnacle with ‘Totems’, terminating our journey with an understanding of how to reach these heights again with easier methods. It is the ascendancy beyond mere ritual and an ode to the mystery therein.
Towering and devastating, we look upon ‘Totems’ of time long passed and retrace our now scrawled and cemented exploration into esoteric consciousness as something which can never be erased.
This album is an enigmatic masterpiece. It’s boundaries are that of limitless imagination and a thing of which very few should comprehend, thusly esoteric in entirety and nature. My personal feelings after its denouement are that of longing. Mystical and baffling yet profoundly alluring and elegant, I would recommend this work again and again. 10/10 skulls and hoods off to AethyrickPraxis’.

Aethyrick – Praxis (Full Album)


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