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Review: Panphage – Jord


Review by Lord Ixion

Panphage – Jord

Panphage – Jord

Record Label: Nordvis Productions

Year: 2018

Rating: 9/10

The swan song of this Swedish band is here! After a 12 year trip into his fatherland folklore and mysticism, Fjällbrandt laid on the soil (“Jord“) his project. The ouroboros bites its tail.

The strange thing with Panphage is, that though he has created many demos from 2005-2011, (almost everything material from this period is gathered on the Genom Konst & Krig D.CD), his first full length dates back to 2015. And at the dawn of 2018, “Jord” is his last one.

As it far as music is concerned, “Jord” consists of all the elements Panphage has used in the past. Black Metal riffing based upon traditional tunes, some keyboards here and there, mid tempo parts, melodies and some 80s thrash metal influences. The last ones, were present throughout the history of Panphage, but in his last album you can only find them on “Som man sår får man skörda”. Through the years he has established his unique style, but with a closer listening anyone can track Enslaved (Frost and Eld era) and Arckanum influences.

Too bad Fjällbrandt decided to put an end here. “Jord” is the most complete album of Panphage, everything that was present on past works finally comes to a climax here. Maybe that’s because this is the final work.

PANPHAGE – Jord (Official – full album)