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News: This Is Black Metal Webzine Presents ~ Mesmerized


This Is Black Metal Webzine Presents      Mesmerized

After a few years of absence from the Polish scene and the acclaimed album ‘Antihuman Inferno’, Mesmerized are back with their latest release, presenting their unique style on their latest EP.

This is the most intense material the band has recorded so far: hellishly fast tempos, blasphemous vocals and furious riffs will surely appeal to die-hard metalheads.

Mesmerized is a Death/Black Metal tornado, which you cannot pass by indifferently. If you’re a fan of bands such as Marduk, Deicide, Misery Index or Azarath, the new Mesmerized EP definitely needs to land in your stereo!

Band Members

Beton – Bas & Vox
Xan – Guitar
Cyklon – Drums
Exile – Guitar
About Exterminate Love Single 2000  
Coronation Full-length 2005  
Declaring Deathreich Decalogue Split 2006  
Satanic & Violent Metal Aggresion Split 2009  
Antihuman Inferno Full-length 2011  
Extermination EP 2018  

Mesmerized – Extermination (Full EP – 2018)


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