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News: Tableau Mort – Veil of Stigma. Book I: Mark of Delusion


| Country: United Kingdom |

| Year: 2019 |

London based Black Metal band Tableau Mort have released their first full-length album “Veil of Stigma. Book I: Mark of Delusion”. Tableau Mort combines traditional Black Metal with doom and romanian orthodox church chants. The band was formed in November 2017 and the line-up consists of James Andrews (ex: The Exiled) – vocals, George Topor – guitars, Radu Vulpe – guitars (ex. Necrovile, Decease, Pathogenic Virulence), Marek Basista – bass, Cristian Giurgiu – guitars (ex. Sin) , George Bratosin – Drums ( ex . Indian Fall).

Tableau Mort – Veil of Stigma. Book I: Mark of Delusion (Full Album)


1. Impending Corruption 00:00

2. Fall of Man 04:32

3. Carpenter of Sorrow 10:49

4. Broken on the Wheel 15:26

5. Tapestry Sewn 20:21

6. Mother’s Promise 25:24

7. Beyond His Gaze 30:05

CD & Digital Album available here: https://bit.ly/2xikwTB

– Tableau Mort –

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tableaumort/

Metal Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Tableau_Mort/3540454956


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