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Review: Nahtrunar – Mysterium Tremendum


Review by Lord Ixion

Nahtrunar – Mysterium Tremendum

Nahtrunar – Mysterium Tremendum

Record Label: Symbolismus Werke

Year: 2018

Rating: 8/10

They really got me with this one! Suddenly, in the early 2018, without any announcements or silly pre-ordering status, came out the new 3rd album of this Austrian horde!

Nahtrunar have really evolved into a band that, without adding something new to the genre, create the true BM feeling of early 90s. If I have to compare them with another band, I would certainly choose Taake, Angantyr  and also their fellow country Stormnatt (of the debut era).  Fast but melodic black metal, with a clear and solid sound, but not so well polished.  Mid tempos are there too, perfectly combined with faster parts! Certainly their best work till now. Every song has great riffs, quite memorable for a long time. Finally, they have been experimenting with some keyboards, which are more obvious on the final song. There’s also a resemblance, due to high pitched vocals, with the Finnish scene.

Though I don’t consider myself a true fan of black metal gigs, Nahtrunar’s music is meant to be played live! A really good release, suggested to anyone who would like to hear traditional BM based on the fundamentals of the early 90s Norwegian-Swedish (see Sorhin ) scene!

Nahtrunar – Mysterium Tremendum (Full Album)


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