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Interview: Unholy Tenebris


Interview by Lígia

Unholy Tenebris is a Black Metal Project from far and bleak roads, Indonesia and Sweden. This Is Black Metal Webzine found the members Lg and Bg and had an interesting talk about their project, their debut album “Blodörn” and the future of the band.

This Is Black Metal: Hails, it’s really nice having you for this interview, How did you have the idea to start this project and how did you two meet?

LG: Hails and thank you for your interest in Unholy Tenebris. That is quite the story.. I was searching for a label for my other band Grimtone and sent a copy to BG who runs a small label called Harsh productions. I ended up releasing the Grimtone album on another label, but BG wanted to make an album with me so I gave him what was originally intended to be the second Grimtone album (I had already written it between the first one being made and released). We decided to call the band Unholy Tenebris and now the album is out.   


TIBM: LG is from Sweden and BG from Indonesia, does it make it harder for you to work since you live so far away from eachother?

LG: Not really thanks to the internet. We communicate through e-mail/messenger and send the files back and forth. The wonders of modern technology.


TIBM: What is your background as musicians and what do you do besides the band, how do you enjoy to spend your free time?

LG: I’ve played in bands since forever, it’s all I’ve ever done really. My free time is spent with my family. I love being in the woods and I read quite a lot.


TBM: This one is for BG… hows the Black Metal scene in Indonesia? Are you involved in other musical projects?

BG: Black metal scene in Indonesia is not so good.  Maybe you can meet many bands who claim to play Black Metal music but they are actually a weirdo band. But you can also meet some awesome Black Metal bands here like Pure Wrath, Hellucinate, Proceus, Fromhell, Vallendusk, Dry, Raflesium, and Djiwo. If you ask about Death Metal scene in Indonesia, here is a lot of great potential for Death Metal. Yeah, I play with several Death Metal bands. You can check “Fetal Bleeding& Kill Athena”, and also my other (abandoned) Black Metal project “Nithael”I also played in several other Death Metal bands as additional players.




TIBM: Your debut album Blodörn came out this year, how does it feels to finally have it released?

LG: I’m simply amazed that we pulled it off. I mean two random guys from different parts of the world creating an album without ever meeting. How about that?


TIBM: Did it meet your expectations?

LG: From a musical point of view it certainly did. I think we’ve made a badass album.


Unholy Tenebris


TIBM: What were your inspirations for this album musically and lyrically?

LG: For my part, writing all the music it’s the second wave of Black Metal. That is where my heart is, that is “home” to me. I always return to the Norwegian scene of the early 90’s.

And of course the ever present nature. The woods. To me Black Metal has always been more about returning to nature than anything else. 


TIBM: Why Unholy Tenebris? How did you come up with that name?

LG: Finding a band name is the hardest part of forming a new band. It’s ten times harder than writing the music. I was going for something in latin, something about darkness swallowing the light, instead of light defeating darkness. Tenebris means darkness. Unholy, ungodly darkness.


Unholy Tenebris – In League With Satan (Venom cover) Demo 2018


TIBM: What are your expectations for the future?

LG: I hope we will make a second album, when on the other hand isn’t sure. I always write new music and I will set aside the songs I think will fit Unholy Tenebris. We are both busy with lots of other projects/bands, so a second album will be recorded when we find the time.


TIBM: What is Black metal for you, innovation or tradition?

LG: For me both. With a heavy lean towards tradition. Innovation is a good thing, as long as you don’t stray from the essence of Black Metal.


TIBM: We reached the end of the interview, please leave a message for our readers!

LG: I hope you like our album Blodörn and thank you for supporting Unholy Tenebris.


TIBM: Thanks for your time.


Unholy Tenebris – Blodörn (FULL ALBUM – 2019)

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