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Interview by SadoMaster Rattenkönig

Mourning Soul is a Black Metal band from Enna, Italy that formed in 2003.

The Mourning Soul project was created by Sacrifice in 2003, (as one-man band), with the intention to compose, play, record and produce Underground Black Metal in the best tradition of the early ’90s.

In August of 2007 the legion was extended: Decrepit on guitar and Nocturnal Fog on drums joined the band. Sacrifice completes the line-up on vocals & bass.

Mourning Soul preaches the fulfillment of Chaos on earth: Hate, Death, Pain, Misanthropy, Depression, Nihilism and Anti-religion.

This Is Black Metal Webzine found Nocturnal Fog and talked about their latest masterpiece “Chaosophy – Ritual II” and their future plans!

This Is Black Metal: Hail Mourning Soul, here’s SadoMaster from This Is Black Metal Webzine!

Welcome to our Zine! How are you passing the actual period?

Nocturnal Fog: Hello guys, thank you so much for your support. We are very proud of it.

Well.. This period is passing by the hands of evil so it is quite easy to take benefits, we were trapped in our house, but we all know our house is our magic temple.

We decided to call them again but in different ways.


TIBM: You have been active for many years Illustrate the birth and genesis of mourning Soul.

Nocturnal Fog: I have started playing with Sacrifice about 17 years ago, maybe more. I have found a really good approach in his music, so we decided to make something more killer!

I’ve been playing with bands that they just care about what they look like, the outward appearance, but they don’t search inside, they just make everything

really easy and honestly fake. Black Metal, or whatever you are going to call it.. It is definitely not a horror movie.

We are from the same region and it was quite easy to get to know each other, we grew up playing together in other bands before, and we have always shared our beliefs. But what I have said is quite rare to find, honest people. I am saying honesty in what you are doing.

I’m just a bit worried about those people. They just make bullshit and don’t search inside their perspectives.


Mourning Soul


TIBM: Your two albums are divided into two rituals, as for What this choice is due to and what differences do you highlight regarding them, both as concept lyrics and musically?

 Nocturnal Fog: The choice revolves all around the concept of Chaos, both from the purely philosophical and the practical side. All the works are open and close as being rituals to be completed, in order to reach the elevation of the light.


TIBM: Devo Andersson, a former member of the legendary Marduk, took care of the mastering of Chaosophy – Ritual II. I notice strong similarities of Marduk in your sound. Have you chosen Devo as a sound engineer for this very reason?

Nocturnal Fog: Devo is the man!! Honestly, very kind and good deals!! We are very proud of what he did and what will do in the future! Absolutely true, we are inspired by Marduk and of course Funeral Mist! We are inspired by too many bands from the past and present!


Mourning Soul – (OBEDIENCE) Spiritual Disease (Single) [2021]


TIBM: I deduce that the artwork, by Sandro di Girolamo, depicts some fresco of aversion to Quite right? Can you describe it to us?

Nocturnal Fog: Basically, that artwork is our life today, a chaotic small room forgotten by

everything. During the lockdown, we decided to create this cover with a lot of meditation, to develop the idea of that chaos..

The apparition of Christ trapped in our mirror is just what Azazel wants to see, it’s a manifestation of our acasual forces..

We travel a lot.. Azazel guided us in that case! Sandro made that dream real. Many thanks for that!


TIBM: I was fascinated by the intro of the first song and even more by the outro of the last one. Where did you adopt them from? I seem to understand that (DEATH) Selenic Silentium’s outro is sampled from some movie.

Nocturnal Fog: The first intro is totally the feeling of abandonment, somewhere in the space with no answer. It is just what we see in our travels, the emptiness, loneliness, dysfunction, function of a big fire inside your body, everything for a change.

Outro is taken from an orthodox ceremony; a bit quite suggestive. The idea of both, intro and outro, was to be more 90s than usual. We both play synth and create sounds and effects.


Mourning Soul – (DEATH) Selenic Silentium (Single) [2021]


TIBM: Are you planning to return to play on the stage in the future?

Nocturnal Fog: That is a huge question. What we are doing is expressing the evilness directly from our room for many years now, it is part of our life till the end.

Does play live? Very complicated, before it was different. We live in different countries now. We are working, so we are quite busy right now, but it will be amazing to restart once again.


TIBM: Will we be able to listen to a Ritual part III in the future? What future plans do you have regarding the new material to be recorded?

Nocturnal Fog: Definitely yes, we are back 100%. We got some new material ready for the next album. We are working in progress on it.

Definitely the sound will be Black Metal with some thrash influences. The concept of course will be a change, this change started with Selenic Silentium.


Ortro / Mourning Soul – 2 Way Split LP (Split) [2020]


TIBM: What do you think of the current Italian Black Metal scene? Do you follow it?

Nocturnal Fog: Italy is full of great bands then ever, thanks to Il Museo del Black Metal Italiano to give us the opportunity to listen to other bands around. I am going to say great job to Fides Inversa, Laetitia in Holocaust, Infernal Angels, AMBS, Überfall, Adversam, Hendful of Hate, Ortro, Krigere Wolf, Black Fight, Tenebrae Oboriuntur and many more!



TIBM: Thank you for your time, finish the interview as you like.

 Nocturnal Fog: Thanks for your interest in Mourning Soul. We really appreciate what you are doing!

Life is just a small stair full of shit, but for entertainment, we must discover other worlds.


Mourning Soul – Chaosophy RITUAL II (Full Album) [2021]

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