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Interview by Lígia

Misanthropic Rage is an excellent example of how Polish Black Metal scene has evolved as one of the best scenes of the genre the last years. This Is Black Metal Webzine got in touch with AR. and W. asking them about the history behind this project, their spiritual beliefs and the new full-length album “Towards the Greyscale Aphorysm”.

This Is Black Metal: It’s great chatting with you, how did you meet each other and have the idea for the band?

AR: Well, the main idea came up to my mind about 5 years ago. Firstly, I wanted to start a real band with rehearsals, live shows and all that shit, but I quickly noticed that finding a good member for that kind of a project is really difficult and I decided to do it on my own, just for my own pleasure. I`ve recorded a 30minute demo tape which still exists only in my drawer and I was still trying to cooperate with other musicians in our shitty town. Back then, I was participating in one of our metalish local project, and one day W. came to rehearsal as a main vocalist. One word to another and we`ve found a connection between each other and I decided to present him my idea of Misanthropic Rage…and here we are 4 years later.

W: Indeed. The moment we met, we knew that we understand each other, have similar visions and views on many subjects. I realy enjoyed what AR presented me and we agreed to give it a go. We had no delusions, it was created simply for our own satisfaction, destined to rot in a drawer amongst many others and only after it was already done, we’ve decided that we will try to find a suitable publisher.


TIBM: What’s the story behind the band’s name? Does it reflect your view on the world and society?

AR: Yes, exactly. I am tired of all that bullshit which is still created by people. I am not a depressed kinda guy, but my relationship with human kind is not the best, you know. I don`t get them. There  is a limited circle of people in my life which I can trust and have some fun with. I don`t like hanging out just for proving that I am sociable and so on. Back then, when Misanthropic Rage came to my mind, I had a terrible time with people. I was so angry with them for many reasons. Now I am older and probably more patient and calm, but still something bothers me. I don`t watch the News, I don`t give a fuck about politics, religion. And to be honest I don`t care about other people, beside my mentioned circle. I just to want to live my life just the way I like, and do my own stuff.

W: I, on the other hand, quite contrary – the longer I live, the more I despise humanity. Sure, I do have a few friends, I have a job, I interact with people every day, let’s be real here. It’s just there’s so many stupidity around, that never seem to have any boundaries. By no means have I ever considered myself some sort of a better life form – we’re all a disease that has no future, bound to destroy not only ourselves, but everything around us. I just accept that simple fact and don’t pretend that it’s the other way around.


Misanthropic Rage


TIBM: What are your spiritual beliefs and what’s their part on your life and music?

AR: I am not a religious person. I don`t believe in afterlife and any kind of divine salvation. We live here and now, and that`s what really matters to me. When it comes to music, I don`t connect music to any kind of religion. Even by using some symbols resembling some of the spiritual statements I don`t think of them as a part of some ritual, I use them just to express my opposite thinking towards “standarized” beliefs and all that shit which is pretty heavy here in Poland.

W: I am not religious either, altough all kinds of religions and beliefs always fascinated me. I don’t view myself as a member of any religious movement, I’m more like a wanderer – I search and discover, learn and embrace what I find valuable about it. But, if I would have to narrow it, I’m more like a pagan person, just not tied to any particular way.

TIBM: Did the idea of finding new members for the band ever cross your mind, since you are a duet or do you believe it works better that way?

AR: Yes. As I mentioned earlier. I wanted to start a real full-time band with other members. But it didn`t work. When it comes to composing and recording, I think „duet” is the best solution. Less is more.

W: More people means more ideas and more visions, and that never is easy for creative process. We have strong characters, it would be really hard to fit another one’s visions there.


MISANTHROPIC RAGE – Nothing but Rage (Official Track Stream)


TIBM: Your third full length “Towards the GreyScale Aphorysm” released on June 6th , how was the recording process and did it meet your expectations?

AR: I think that „Towards” is our best album, period. I know that it`s still fresh and new, but that is the musical statement which I`ve always wanted to make considering Misanthropic Rage. I have been working on those tracks for nearly a year and I still can listen to them with a real pleasure, as a fan. I am not tired of them, and that means a lot to me. Cause, when I think about previous records, I remember how many technical difficulties I used to fight with. „Towards” is a natural step forward. And every hour which I`ve spent on this record was just a fucking pleasure.

W: I enjoy all our works, but I always try to make best possible record for the moment being. It’s simply undeniable part of progress, and I like to think we’re getting better and better with every record. As for recording process – we always do everything ourselves, with only mastering (and partially mixing) done by a professional studio. That way we work in our own pace, on our own terms, as long as we need to make things satisfying.

TIBM:  What inspired you for this album and what are the topics approached on it?

AR: Same as usual, human behaviour, nature and further penetration on topics like Dualism, Bipolar Disorder. But to be honest inspiration is everywhere. It can be simple comic book, movie or daily life situation.

W: I won’t be very original here, but yeah – everything can be an inspiration, and your imagination is your only limitation. It just depends on what you’re looking for.


Misanthropic Rage – Towards the Greyscale Aphorysm


TIBM: Does it sound similar to the previous ones or did you decide to experiment?

AR: Well, I think it`s more straightforward, less complex record. It still has many sound layers, but not as much as it used to have. It`s not an experiment, we are still very constant in our writing, but this time I think we nailed it when it comes to compositions and overall sound of the record. We are really proud of it.

W: I think it’s much more complete work, so to speak, as in this time we’ve managed to really present the final sounds as close to our initial idea as ever before.


TIBM: Do you plan on hiring session musicians and playing live in the future?

AR: Yes. We are starting this autumn.



Misanthropic Rage – Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (2018)


TIBM: What are your views on the Black Metal scene nowadays?

AR: I don`t have any opinion about it, cause I don`t consider myself as a part of that scene, well I mean modern scene. Don`t get me wrong, I love Black Metal and all kinds of extreme music and I really admire the level of today`s music, but I can`t find anything really related to myself in metal scene anymore. Everything is great, but it`s just too much. Too many great albums, but too little time.

W: Obviously I keep an really close eye to it, as I always say – before I am an artist, I’m always a fan. I listen to a lot – and I mean REALLY a lot – of music, but as AR mentioned, there is so much good albums out there that it’s impossible to listen to everything and give it enough time it surely deserves. Yesterdays premiere is already old today, and whole world already have an opinion about it. Years ago, when you bought the record, you knew every single note of any single second of it, nowadays it’s really rare to give any album as much attention. Many deserve it, very few succeeds.

TIBM: Also what is your position about Antifa persecution on Black Metal bands?

W: Fuck everyone that castrate art. If you don’t agree with someone’s statement, just don’t fucking listen to it and go elsewhere. I don’t even have time to listen to everything I’d like to, why would I waste my time on things that just pure garbage to me, yet again putting so much effort to censor it, it’s beyond my imagining.



Misanthropic Rage – Gates No Longer Shut (2016)


TIBM: Do you think there’s more to do and experiment with Black Metal or everything has been done already?

W: Every single possible note has been played long ago. It’s not about discovering a wheel all over again. The pieces of the puzzle are lying all around, it’s just up to you how you use them, and what’s the final image you wanna create with it.

Misanthropic Rage

TIBM: As we reached the end would you like to say some words and thoughts on the future of the band and a message for our readers?

W: Thanks for the interest, keep an eye on us, because certainly we haven’t say our final words just yet.


TIBM: Thanks for your time.

MISANTHROPIC RAGE – Towards the Greyscale Aphorysm (2019)

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