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Interview by Lígia

Hangatyr is a German band that takes inspiration from Norse mythology for their name and their musical concept. This Black Metal band that pays tribute in their name to the god Odin has presented in recent months their latest work entitled “Kalt” whose sound shows the combination of melodic elements in combination with German lyrics that denotes a greater maturity in their sound and the consolidation of the musical identity of this teutonic quartet. This Is Black Metal found them (Basti (Guitar) and Silvio (Vocals)) and had an interesting talk about how did it all start, their new masterpiece “Kalt”, their future plans and in general the Black Metal!

This Is Black Metal: Hails! First of all, how are you?

Basti: Hi, we are fine. The current crisis causes difficulties for all of us but we will survive.

TIBM: Can you tell our readers how did it all start and why the name Hangatyr?

Silvio: When we started Hangatyr in 2006, Ali (our other guitarist) and I had already made music together in a band. This dissolved and we decided to continue with a new band. At that time Pagan Metal was in its heyday. We all listened to a lot of music from this direction and the topic of the old mythology fascinated me. So the naming was inspired by these circumstances.




TIBM: You released a new album recently “Kalt” (cold), what inspired you for this album?

Basti: The inspirations for „kalt“ have arisen from deep emotions and things that happen to us in everyday life. Of course the influence of many really great bands is not to be imagined without.


TIBM: It took you six years to release it, its predecessor Elemente was released in 2014… why wait so many years? Did you face creative issues, problems during recording, or did you just feel that now was the right time?

Basti: I have only been a part of Hangatyr since 2017. But until then they were already working hard on the new album.

There was no right moment for us. We took the time for every song that was needed to finish it to our satisfaction. One of the advantages of making music independently.


Complete concert – HANGATYR (live@Damned Days 13.07.2018)


TIBM: What do you think of your evolution from Elemente to Kalt?

Basti: A alteration of musicians always brings change. However, we have consciously moved more in the direction of Black Metal. In no other genre, you can express the emotions in this way. I think these changes have done us more than good.

TIBM: When writing and composing what inspires you?

Silvio: In the past, I often drew on stories from the Edda and old traditions for the lyrics and let myself be inspired. With kalt, personal impressions and experiences have been the driving force. Since we compose the songs together, we have a wide spectrum of inspiration, because everyone lets his musical preferences flow into a certain extent.




TIBM: Do you think spirituality is an important thing when creating?

Silvio: There are believers who certainly need the help of their gods to be creative. Recently I visited an Albrecht Dürer exhibition where spirituality was omnipresent. However, times have changed since then. But I’m also not sure if every Black Metal band that sings about Satan pays homage to the devil. What I want to say with that, some people are surely interested in letting their spirituality merge with the music. With us, it doesn’t play a role at all.

TIBM: Who does what in the band?

Basti: We all drink beer…….enough beer!

We don’t have a boss in writing songs. In the rehearsal room one of us throws an idea into the room and it is worked out until it fits into the overall picture.

TIBM: Do you have any shows planned for the upcoming months?

Basti: Yes, indeed we had planned a few gigs. Thanks to the current crisis we have, these events will probably not take place. We hope that this circumstances won’t last too long and that we will be able to play the new album live for our fans.




 TIBM: What is Black Metal for you?

Silvio: I think Black Metal should be introduced as a subject in schools. No, seriously for me it is the only acceptable music that enriches my life. With Black Metal you can master any situation because it is a gift for people who want to look behind the facade of a deceptive fun society.


TIBM: Do you think nowadays is hard to create something different, that makes you stand out from other bands?

Basti: I think to create something new today without being overlayed with too many unusual instruments is hard and not necessary in my opinion. It only        needs musicians who understand their work and who do it with passion. We    write our songs so that we like them in the first place. If a song moves you             and conveys a message, then it is absolutely not necessary to reinvent the wheel.


Hangatyr – Helwege |Full Album| 2010


TIBM: What can we expect for the future of Hangatyr?

Basti: Many shows, we hope. Gladly also outside of Germany. Of course only after Corona. Currently, we are already working on new material. Maybe this time it does not need six years until the new release.


TIBM: Would you like to add some words for our readers?

Basti: Drink only as much beer as will fit into it with all your might! Cheers


TIBM: Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon at a stage near me!

Silvio/Basti: Thank you too! 🙂

Hangatyr – Kalt (Full Album)

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