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Interview by Dagon M.

Cultus Profano is a Black Metal duo founded by Advorsus and Strzyga in 2016 in Los Angeles, USA. Together they conjure a pure form of blasphemy that evokes hatred and darkness. The impious vision of Cultus Profano is to fulfill a sacrilegious oath in the form of unholy compositions. With the aid of Debemur Morti Productions, 2018 summoned Cultus Profano’s debut ritual, “Sacramentum Obscurus”. Taking form in nine profane offerings, these sinful chants and chaotic arrangements cast a shadow over the Earth and cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with. As of 2020, the shadow rises again and takes form in a new full-length record, “Accursed Possession”. A moody and atmospheric effort of a hellish breed, “Accursed Possession” is the result of a masterful blend of classic Black Metal influence distilled through a distinct and evil vision.

This Is Black Metal Webzine had the chance to talk with them about their latest offer “Accursed Possession” and their future plans!

This Is Black Metal: Thanks for giving us some of your time for these questions. Hope everything is well with this pandemic going on.

Advorsus: Thanks for having us. Everything has been well on our end.


TIBM: Could you introduce yourselves to our audience that might not be familiar with you?

Strzyga: We are a Black Metal duo called Cultus Profano. Our cult consists of myself on Vocals and Guitars and Advorsus on Vocals and Drums. Under the banner of Debemur Morti Productions, we have released two full-length albums – “Sacramentum Obscurus” (2018) and “Accursed Possession“(2020).


Cultus Profano


TIBM: Understanding that you follow the numbering method of great classical masters according to the day of composition, is this another way to give insight to your audience? How do you decide which tracks are left out and how they are placed?

Advorsus: Yes, we have incorporated the opus numeration system since the inception of the band. We felt that it was a unique and intriguing insight to truly see our development. The unused songs will be unveiled in the future- either in EPs, splits, or full-lengths. When we choose the tracks for an album, we always consider the overall sound and feeling.


TIBM: With your latest album “Accursed Possession” you present a mesmerizing mix of melody, intense atmosphere and anger. How do you manage to maintain a balance in such a diverse result?

 Strzyga: There is no specific formula to our writing. When we compose, we are creating an energy and atmosphere that embraces obscurity. Certain riffs and songs have more aggression, while others are more focused on creating a dark atmosphere.


Cultus Profano – Towards the Temple of Darkened Fates, Op. 19 (New Track)


TIBM: Shrouding atmosphere is definitely a characteristic of yours. Are the recording and rehearsals a kind of ritual for you?

Advorsus: Yes, absolutely. Recording, rehearsals, and composing are all very ritualistic for us. We let go of ourselves and descend into a darkened realm. There we become one with the music and darkness.


TIBM: Did you change anything in the creating process from your previous album? Are you equally involved in the making of each track?

Strzyga: Not at all. The process of composition has remained consistent since the beginning. We are both immensely involved in each aspect of the creative process for every track- including writing the lyrics. Since we both play drums and guitar we alternate very often when creating guitar riffs and drum patterns. Every track is a complete collaboration between the two of us.


Cultus Profano



TIBM: As a band, you revive the spirit of old for Black Metal with great tremolo picking and blast beats but in your own distinct way. Do you think that labeling hurts the music and we should just take what we hear just for what it is?

Advorsus: Neither of us agree with the labeling that people are so obsessed with. Music should be heard for what it is without worrying about the time frame, geography, or other meaningless details. You either like the sound or you do not and all other aspects should be irrelevant.


TIBM: How has the whole situation with the pandemic affected your creativity and mindset?

Strzyga: The pandemic or any other world events do not influence us. We have a very focused vision with Cultus Profano and outside elements do not distract from that. The only thing that the pandemic has granted us is the extra time, with which we have been able to write new material. The downside has been that we have had to cancel a few tours, however, we will reschedule as soon as the pandemic passes!


Cultus Profano – Sacramentum Obscurus (Full Album)


TIBM: How hard is it for a band to survive through these difficult times for the music industry?

Advorsus: These times have certainly become more difficult for live music, that is without question. The closure of all live concerts has been a huge hit to all musicians but has also been an opportunity to sharpen one’s skills and create new music. Until this whole situation blows over, we await to spread our blasphemy over Europe, South America, and across the world.


TIBM: What’s Black Metal for you? Would you say that you are profane in your every-day life as the blasphemous assault we receive in your records?

Strzyga: Black metal is a very personal energy for both of us. It is a collection of sounds that define hatred and darkness. An Evil energy that consumes all within its path. We curse all religions and embrace this dark energy every day.


Cultus Profano



TIBM: Are you self-taught when it comes to your instruments? Do you think that’s a better way for someone to find how to express his inner self?

Advorsus: I had a few drum lessons when I started many years ago and then went on to learn by emulating my influences. Strzyga was purely self-taught. There is no “wrong” or “better” way to express yourself. Self-expression is something that comes from within. It is an element separate from technical skill and takes some time to hone and master.


TIBM: What does playing live mean to you? Where would you want to play more in the future?

Strzyga: Performing live is a unique experience. There is a specific atmosphere that is shared between musician and audience. Everyone becomes intertwined in dark energy. On stage, for us, it become a transformation- An out-of-body experience that

allows us to perform with an unholy guidance. We are very much looking forward to touring Europe and Latin America!


Cultus Profano : Sacramentum Obscurus (Full Demo)


TIBM: Are there any plans for future releases?

Advorsus: Yes, of course. We are always composing music and preparing our next release. As of now, the next full-length is almost complete. We also have material ready for future splits and EPs. More news to come soon!


TIBM: The last word is yours for all your fans out there. It was an honor having you.

Strzyga: Thanks for having us, the honor is ours! Accursed Possession is out now in all formats so be sure to pick up a copy. We hope this pandemic passes soon so we can desecrate the stage once more! Cheers!


Thanks for your time.

Cultus Profano – Accursed Possession (Full Album)

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