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Interview by SadoMaster Rattenkönig



Azaghal is a Finnish Black Metal band, they were formed in 1995 by guitarist Narqath and drummer Kalma (later known as Vrtx and V-Khaoz). Varjoherra joined the band as a vocalist in 1997, and their first demo was recorded shortly after that in late 1997. All these years till today they stand as one of the most known Finnish Black Metal band, with great albums till today.

This Is Black Metal talks with Narqath about everything… enjoy!

This Is Black Metal: Hail Azaghal! How is the band’s Mood in this period?

Nrq: Great, I think the band is at its strongest in years. We have a great line-up and things are running smoothly. We are proud of the new album and killing it live. So Yeah, pretty good.


TIBM: You are back, for the new album, with a renewed lineup from its predecessor. What were the reasons that old members left and new members joined?

Nrq: Niflungr moved to the cold wasteland of Ladpland to be more extreme, so needed a new vocalist and a bass player. Also Ruho from a previous form returned to the band so he replaced Agares on guitars. No hard feelings there. Thirtheen was a logical replacement for Niflungr, a legend in the Hyvinkää scene, I didn’t believe he would accept my asking for him to join. Yet he did. Fucking cool. Azaghal is now at its strongest and best live than ever.



TIBM: Your new singer comes from a Finnish Punk band, but that’s not strange in my opinion, since Finnish Black Metal has strong Punk influences in many bands. Do you agree?

Nrq: Yeah, or maybe it’s just me, hard to speak for the scene I am not a part of. Azaghal has always been an outsider. Thirteen fits in perfectly.

TIBM: Let’s talk about your new album Alttarimme on Luista Tehty. What does the title mean?

Nrq: It translates to “Our Altar is Made of Bones”. All we leave behind is death. You can read it as a social commentary or not.



TIBM: I like the album cover designed by Ronarg. What does it represent? It looks like an entrance to some hell to me…

Nrq: It is the altar made from bones, we are done. Time for a new world. Let’s move forward and kill ourselves already so that we can start again.

TIBM: Satanism, anti-Christianity and hatred are topics that Azaghal had always treated in their lyrics. These new lyric songs are on the same side?

Nrq: Yes, of course. But this time we went for a more direct approach. There are no hidden meanings or shit. The lyrics are very direct. Just read them. In the past, I used to spend months writing shit and then I realized that nobody reads them anyway, I will simplify things.



TIBM: Speaking of its sound, I think it’s the heaviest record of your career so far together with the album Omega. Do you share my opinion?

Nrq: Yes. Yes, I do. And the new one and Omega are my personal favorites in our discography. Would love to do a proper re-issue of Omega eventually. I love Dismember and the early 90s Death Metal sound and there is a good bit of that on the new Azaghal.


TIBM: Is there an album of yours that you consider more representative than the others?

Nrq: Like I said previously, Omega and the new album is a good starting place. Can’t hurt ever to listen to Mustamaa either for the old-school stuff. I think we have and own unique sound running through everything, whether you get it or not.



TIBM: Let’s take a look at the past. What are the main differences between Azaghal of the past and those of today?

Nrq: I think nothing has changed that much when it comes to composing the songs, times and people and methods just vary. Azaghal has always remained 100% Satanic Black Metal.


TIBM: You are planning some gigs, right? Hope to see you in Greece for our local readers and in Italy too, since I am Italian! Ahah!

Nrq: We just returned from a killer European tour with Corpus Christi, Liber Null and Sidious, everything was great, big props to the organization Immortal Frost for making it happen, Great shows, great people. Great fans!


Narqath (Azaghal)


TIBM: Thanks for your time, please give a salute to our readers and if it is possible, tell us about the future of the band.

Nrq: We have, finally, after like 2 years of delay a killer split out with our brothers in Black Faith, so check that out. We are not done for this year, so hopefully we see you on future gigs later this year.


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