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Review by Dagon M.

Record Label: Moonfog Productions

Year: 1996

Rating: 10/10

Satyricon are widely considered one of the most innovative Black Metal bands to revolutionize the genre, by blending elements in their music that were uncommon at the time in the scene but are often underappreciated due to their controversial musical journey. The band’s first three albums are considered classics, with “Nemesis Divina” as their peak, while later they decided to take a more experimental route through some Gothic and Industrial influences and were often harshly criticized causing them to lose a portion of their old fans and gain some new ones.

Nemesis Divina” is surely one of the best Black Metal albums to ever be released that paved the way for many bands back then and opened new horizons. A multi-dimensional with great variety throughout, that combined the classic Norwegian sound with outer elements and managed to set itself apart from the other albums, even by the cover art not being a frame of black and white imagery. Haunting sounding melodies serve as the foundation for every song, with keyboards also playing a big role in the album enabling it to progress naturally. Nocturno Culto and Satyr provide great guitar parts, building on top of each other to create a cold atmosphere, with also a great use of double bass being atmospheric when needed and Frost adding relentless drumming in the mix.




The album opener, “The Dawn of a New Age”, is a Black Metal classic providing immediate aggression after a calm keyboard, with Nocturno’s influence being obvious, as the opening riff is tremolo picked and a dark melodic background leaving a Darkthrone flavor. “Forhekset” is a perfect example of the album’s variety starting off with aggressive riffing and chaotic drumming, but towards the end of the song transitioning to a melodic folk realm, hinting the pattern that the rest of the album is going to follow. “Mother North” needs no introduction. It makes for the band’s greatest anthem and one of the greatest compositions in the genre. The song alternates between slower and faster parts, with Frost’s drumming being at its very best, while the piano and the lead parts build up a majestic atmosphere.

Du Som hater Gud” is a very straightforward track with both sharp and melodic riffs and some stunning piano parts. Satyr’s great vocal performance and Fenriz’s lyrical contribution make this song yet another classic. “Immortality Passion” starts off with a brief keyboard intro and continues on with melodic riffs, as we are used to in this album, symphonic parts and furious drum battering. Without a doubt it’s the most atmospheric track, making you lose yourself in an evil medieval time. The album titled track “Nemesis Divina” is filled with great grim riffs and harmonies, being very heavy from the beginning while the atmospheric keyboards make it very evil sounding.“Transcedental Requiem of Slaves” offers a great closing to this epic journey through an instrumental track with hypnotic chords and a mixture of dissonant and clean parts.

From top to bottom, “Nemesis Divina” is one of the most consistent albums with every song being remarkable in its own way. The band used the perfect production that enhanced the album’s dynamic, by making every instrument audible and a distorted guitar tone. The melodic component makes you want to listen to it again and again, while the album serves as an interface between traditional and more progressive Black Metal bands. Satyricon managed to create a Black Metal landmark, essential for every fan of the genre, proving that they should be considered one of the best Black Metal bands to ever emerge.


Satyricon – Nemesis Divina [HQ – FULL – Remastered]


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