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Review by The Black Metal Historian

Dusk Lurker – Azaghal – Omega

Record Label: Moribund Records

Year: 2008

Rating: 8/10

Omega sounds like a battering ram straight into your brain. This Finnish (now) quartet starts immediately with all guns blazing and it feels like they grab you by the skull and don’t let go throughout the 9 songs of the obliterating album. JL Nokturnal’s drums are extremely fast and somehow sound extremely technical and well-executed, he is definitely someone who has mastered his craft; think of Behemoth’s Inferno on steroids, that’s how it sounds.




Apart from the drums, what makes Nokturnal the pillar of the album is also his great synth work as well as additional guitar. Speaking of which, the guitars are extremely catchy with dozens of “this is the best riff in this album” moments. Unfortunately, as opposed to my last Azaghal review, the bass feels kinda drowned in some sections of the album, which doesn’t really mean it’s not really good, it’s just a little opaque in contrast to the brilliance of the other members. This is one of my favourite “let’s drink beer and get fucked up” album. Fast, thrashy and unapologetic; Omega is forever at a hands reach to fill that thrashy need.

Azaghal – Omega (Full Length)

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