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Review: Blattaria – Blattaria


Review by Lord Ixion

Blattaria - Blattaria

Blattaria – Blattaria

Record Label: Fallen Empire Records

Year: 2017

Rating: 9/10

Blattaria” is the scientific name for Cockroaches. With a name like this and a cover showing roaches, well we have to be dealing with a somehow concept album about the aforementioned insects. Also, the title songs contribute to this (“Dumpster“, “The Eggs Are Hatching” etc.).

Now let’s move on to the music. This is the debut album of this US one man band after a demo tape back in 2014. In this debut, we are dealing with dissonant Black Metal, in the DSO vein, with some touches of Portal or even Gorguts here and there. Without sounding any death metal of course. Fast paced furious BM, with psychotic and psychedelic atmosphere, causing claustrophobic and suffocating feelings to the listener!

Some “melodic” or soft passages strengthen the feelings of suffocation, as they sound total perverted and psychotic. Anyone can also notice even kraut rock or 70’s psychedelic rock references in these passages. The vocals have plenty of reverb and distortion and are used more like an extra instrument, rather with the conventional term of singing.

Certainly a great album indeed, making me impatient about their new work. Not an easy listening album though!

Blattaria – Blattaria [Full – HD]